• Accountability Partners

    An accountability partner: the one thing that most people do NOT do, and the ONE thing that is most likely to help you succeed.

    It is a universal truth that there is strength in numbers, and ironically, the numbers back this up. Study after study finds that you are WAY more likely to succeed at a goal if you have someone you report to. It is crucial that you find somebody who can hold you accountable. 

    Isn’t if funny when we commit to other people we hold it sacred, but it’s easy to break a commitment to ourselves? For me, I don’t want to let the other person down. Sometimes, I even find myself lying in bed and remembering something I hadn’t checked off from my top five. I have to get up and do it before I go to bed or it bugs me! I wish I worried more about commitments to myself, but hey, whatever works. If commitment to another person will motivate you, USE IT. 

    Here is how it works for my accountability partner and I:

    First, we came to an agreement. We told each other what our goals were and agreed to email each other our “top five” every day. “Top five” mean five short tasks we plan to do throughout the day that will bring us closer to our goals. 

    (If you want to learn more about “The Rule of 5” that I learned from Jack Canfield in The Success Principles, you can read last week’s email here => www.miriamlaundry.com/DOsomething <=)

    The email looks like this:

    As you can see I have the top five from the previous day and whether I completed them or not. Below, I have the top five for the current day.

    Here are the most important elements of having an accountability partner:

    1. You must find someone who also really wants an accountability partner. If it is a one way thing it doesn’t work the same. 
    2.  Be prepared to be called out. Be prepared to call them out. If you don’t call each other out when you aren’t keeping your end of the deal, there is no point. 

    Emailing someone your top five, (or top three or one) keeps you focused on your goal every day. It’s amazingly simple, and amazingly effective. 

    Hey, speaking of sharing goals, one of my goals for the last couple of years has been to take my girls to one of Jack Canfield’s events. He has taught me so much! Next week I am taking them to Breakthrough to Success in Arizona! Yay! Follow me on Instagram for stories / pics to see how it goes or to see us sweating in the Arizona heat (haha).



    This six part series, The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide, included topics
    True Goal Setting 
    Overcoming Self-Doubt 
     Making a plan – Where to start
    How to stay focused and follow through 
    Do something – Take Action
    Accountability partners 

  • Do Something

    DO Something. Moving Past the Planning Stage

    We all know somebody who LOVES the planning stage, but when the time comes to DO SOMETHING, they just can’t seem to get there.

    Goals are great and having supportive people cheering you on is great. Having a plan on how to get there is also great, BUT, if you don’t actually take action, you will never see the results of those powerful elements. 

    I have a super easy way to initiate your momentum and then help you maintain it. I have been doing it for years.

    I learned this very valuable habit from Jack Canfield in The Success PrinciplesIt’s called “The Rule of 5.” At the beginning of the day you write down five things that you are going to do that will help you get closer to all your goals. Check them off as you complete them. 

    These are some examples of what might be in my daily five:

    1. Read for half an hour (goal being to read one book a month)
    2. Drink 6 glasses of water (goal being to drink 8 glasses a day)
    3. Visualization and looking over goals (related to all goals)
    4. Prepare for an important call (work-related goal)
    5. Brainstorm marketing (work-related)

    Five things a day is a lot and is ideal IF you have multiple goals in mind. If you find five things over-whelming, or have only have one goal in mind, commit to doing one thing every day that gets you closer to your goal. Every. Single. Day.

    It’s pretty simple. 

    It’s fun to plan things, research our goals, and get more educated, but at some point you have to get off your heiny and do something. Having a short list of things to check off helps with that. Even better, have someone to whom you must report your list. Next week I will share how an accountability partner will ensure your success. 

    I love this metaphor: If you would go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a sharp axe, eventually, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down. If you do five things, every day, to take you closer to the life you want, eventually you will get there. 

    My challenge for you is: Write down one thing that you are going to do TODAY to take you closer to your goal.

    I am rooting for you! 



  • Making a Plan: Where to Start

    You have gotten past the first steps of setting a true goal and locked in your commitment by sharing it with a trusted friend. You may feel like you have no idea where to start. The best way to overcome that obstacle is to ….

    make a plan. 

    Easier said than done, right? Trust me, I know. 

    When I wanted to write a children’s book, I was tackling something I had neverdone before. I didn’t know where to start, so I took a course on writing books, I went to a local book store and purchased books on how to write, and I sought a mentor who had already done it.

    By educating yourself, you are empowering yourself.

    For goals that seem impossibly out of reach think about who has done something similar before.Do your research. How did that person drop 52 lbs? How did that author become a number one best-seller? I can tell you this, it wasn’t magic. Somewhere along the way they made a plan and worked hard for it. 

    Read biographies. Take workshops. Put Google to work. Make notes about how others did it, and start to form a plan of how it could work for you.

    For goals you have tried before and failed at, do an assessment. Survey your trusted friends and family. Do you need extra help? Do you need to hire a professional? Are there free consultation tools available for your specific goals? Consider hiring a Life Coach. The idea is to avoid doing the same thing over and over with the same results. Change your approach and bring in some fresh insight. 

    One of my goals this summer is to continue reading one book every month.This might not sound like I need a plan to reach it, but finding time for yourself as a mom and entrepreneur is challenging!

    My plan is to get up early and use the half an hour in the mornings before everyone is up. I also take my book in my purse so that when I am picking up kids and driving them around, if I find myself waiting, I can pull it out and work towards my goal. As a busy mom, I find it difficult to make time for myself and the things I enjoy. Tell me,how do you fit in your “Me Time”? I would also love to hear where you found your inspiration for some goals you have acheived!

    email : team@miriamlaundry.com

  • How to Stay Focused and Follow Through

    The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide, Part 4 How to Stay Focused and Follow Through

    Great job on setting a goal, committing, and coming up with a plan. Now it is time to follow through. Some would argue that this is the hardest part, where many people get distracted and let their goals just slip away.

    I am going to share an easy trick for keeping your goal right in front of you so that you can stay focused and follow through! 

    Have you ever noticed a common mistake new drivers make? They tend to wave back and forth in a zig-zag pattern between the centre and the side of the road instead of driving straight down the middle. This is because the driver is looking at the lines in the middle or side of the road. The vehicle follows. The trick is to keep your eyes on the middle of the road, not the lines. 

    The same is true with goals. It is easy to be distracted, or even focused on the wrong thing, and wherever you are looking, the rest of you will follow. Here are a few tricks you can use to make sure you see your goal every single day. Keeping it fresh in your mind will help you stay motivated and help you follow through on your plan. 

    What I do: I like to write down my goal on a 3×5 flash card and put it somewhere I will see every day. 

    1. Put it on your mirror. It’s private, AND it’s a place you look at least once a day.
    2. Make technology work for you. Take a picture of your goal and make it your save screen on your phone, or make it the desktop background on your computer. 
    3. Set a reminder with your goal on your phone for the same time every day. 

    Writing down your goal and putting it where you will see it daily MAY seem like such a small thing….. but it will make a big difference keeping you focused. 

    It only takes a few minutes to do so I want you to go do it right now!

    Take a pic and show me where you put YOUR goal reminder. 

    You can tag me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter, or reach me at team@miriamlaundry.com

    Next week, we will talk about the number one thingyou need to keep you on track that most people don’t do. It’s probably the biggest factor in whether you succeed or not. 



  • Overcoming Self-Doubt: The Ultimate Goal-Setting Guide Part 2

    So. You have an actual goal with a deadline. (Need help setting one? Here is last week's article: The Ultimate Goal Setting Guide PART 1: True Goal Setting)
    Suddenly, you experience a sinking feeling and start thinking “How the heck am I going to do this???” Don’t freak out! Getting specific can be scary. It is natural to have self-doubt. Take back control by hitting pause. You are about to learn a super simple trick that will help you overcome that self-doubt.

    When I first sat down and made the goal to “empower 100,000 children to believe in themselves by May 7, 2014” I was terrified. I had no idea of how to do it, and, to be honest, I didn’t really think I could do it. How did I overcome that self-doubt?

    I told some trusted friends about my goal. 

    You might think that this is too simple to work, but trust me, it worksAfter I shared my goal, I noticed something; they didn’t laugh! In fact, they were supportive and wanted to know how they could help me. It’s funny, the idea of sharing your goal can be scary. You expect people to have the same reaction as you do, but they don’t! It is a serious confidence booster when you see that other people believe you can do it. You start to think that maybe you can do it, too. 

    This is SUPER important.
    In order for you to really give your goal a shot, you need to believe that it is possible.

    Not only is it a major confidence booster, but it adds some accountability. It’s easier to give up on a goal when you are the only one who knows about it, versus the prospect of admitting failure to someone else. It shouldn’t be this way! We should be more concerned about letting ourselves down than anyone else, but for most of us, it’s the reality. You might as well use that to your advantage. Take the plunge and share your goal!

    How do you choose WHO to share your goals with?
    There are some qualifiers for who you share your goals with. I definitely do notrecommend a facebook broadcast for this. (The power behind the social media share comes later, haha). The whole point of sharing your goals is to overcome self-doubt and get some support, so opening it up to just anyone is not a good idea. 

    It’s pretty straightforward: share your goal with people who are going to support you. Positive people. People you trust. If you have a friend or family member who has a track record of poo-poo-ing your ideas, or is constantly seeing the bad, they are not the best fit for this. Picture that person who might say something like “I'm not negative, I'm just a realist.” Choose someone who encourages you and sees your potential. It should also be someone whose opinion you have a measure of respect for.

    Now you know the first step to overcoming the initial shock of putting a deadline on your goal. Next week we will take it even further. We will talk about the surefire method of laying that fear to rest. 



    Challenge Yourself

    1. Set a summer goal.
    2. Share the goal with a trusted friend
    3. Email me your goal
    4. Share how you have overcome a fear

    I would love to hear about your summer goal and how you overcome fears!