• TWUC Author Visit Subsidy

    I am so excited to announce that you may be eligible for an author visit subsidy!

    The Writer’s Union of Canada offers an author visit subsidy for eligible authors to visit schools! The application JUST opened today. Applications must be submitted between November 25, 2019 and January 27, 2020 for author visits booked after April 1st of this school year. (Applications for the following school year will be available later on)

    To apply for subsidy and get the details click HERE.

    Last week I was at a school presenting my new presentation for my latest book, The Big, Bad Bully. A school in Milton had me out for HDSB Bully Awareness Week. I love, love, LOVE sharing the empowering message with students and meeting the teachers who are making a difference! 

    I have to say, this new presentation is a big hit, and because it is for grades 5-8, a full day author visit is perfect for hitting all the grades in an elementary school. I am happy to do one of my I CAN presentations for grades 1-4 and The Big, Bad Bully for grades 5-8. My full day author visits include four presentation time slots, so it’s nice to break up the grades for smaller groups and get maximum engagement.

    If you want to book me for a date this school year after April 1st and take advantage of this sweet subsidy, shoot me an email. My team will pencil you in and ensure you get the date you want. 

    To email me, reach out to team (at) miriamlaundry .com 




    (Grades 5-8) The Big, Bad Bully – A bully story with a twist! Follow a young girl who struggles throughout grade school with a bully. Every day she hears her flaws pointed out. Finally, she decides to stand up to her tormentor and discovers…. it is herself! This is not a book about the bully sitting beside you in class, but the bully living in your head. Hear the gasps as students realize the twist, and discover how to turn their inner critic into your their friend! 

    (Grades 1-6) I CAN Believe in Myself – Molly avoids being the star of the day. She just CAN'T speak in front of the class …. or CAN she? Discover how she learns to shred her I CAN'T and change it to I CAN!

    (Grades 1-6) I CAN Make a Difference – Andy struggles to think of a way to make a difference when he is challenged with a school project and loses the money for it! Does he need that money or can he make a difference with his Time, Treasures, or Talents? Andy discovers the power to make a difference is within him.

    (Grades 1-6) I CAN Be Me – Maria is embarrassed when a classmate makes fun of her lunch. She wishes she could fit in, but soon discovers that everybody is a little different. She finds out the most important thing is to BE YOU!

    (Grades 7&8) The Power of Your Mind – This presentation is not based on a picture book, but rather uses exercises and powerful examples to engage older students. Miriam engages the students using a visual presentation peppered with activities. Students are challenged to transition to a growth mindset through the topics of:

    • Persistance and Overcoming Obstacles
    • Action + Attitude = Achievement
    • Three Things we CAN control: Thoughts, Imagery, and Behaviour
    • Taking Responsibility
    • Thinking BIGGER
  • Looking For a Writing Mentor?

    It was seven years ago when I first started writing and set out to publish my first children’s book. I learned so much, but looking back there is one thing I wish I would have had. 

    I would have given anything to have a writing mentor! 

    Somebody who knew the ins and outs of publishing and could help me navigate the many, MANY decisions that would come. The expert advice of someone who had done it before would have helped me avoid so many mistakes and save so much money!

    Now that I have received so much wonderful success, I want to be sure that any aspiring authors have access to something I did not: a publishing mentorship.

    I have created a program called the Publishing Mastermind. It’s a ten month mentorship where I help you go from rough draft to a finished product. My company, Laundry Books, publishes your children's book within the year, and you get access to everything I have learned. 

    I will take care of the editing and make sure your book looks amazing. You retain all the rights to your book, all the profits, AND you join five other authors in a Mastermind Group for support. It’s everything I wanted when I was starting out (and more!) 

    I am accepting six authors for the mentorship, and with three spots already taken, I am making my final decisions in the next couple of weeks.

    I am looking for empowering stories! Books for children that have a great message to them. If you have a children's book you want published, shoot me an email and let’s set up a time to talk. I would love to hear your story and help make it a reality! Your book in your hands before the end of 2020!

    A final thought: if you aren’t looking to publish, but know someone this is perfect for, please forward this email to them! If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that there are many people out there with amazing stories that need to be heard. 



    Want to talk? Reach out to my team : team(at)miriamlaundry(dot)com

    Find out more…http://miriamlaundry.com/publish-your-book/
  • The Big Bad Bully’s Journey

    The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! I thought you might enjoy some pictures from my travels while I was promoting The Big, Bad Bully with Jack, and from my journey. The idea for The Big Bad, Bully starting back in 2015, and culminated in the launch of the book last week. 

    In the beginning, The Big Bad Bully was just a dream. I had the idea, but I wanted to co-author it with Jack Canfield, so I put it on my vision board. I took a picture that I had of us with my first book, and cut out a picture of The Big Bad Bully, and combined them. I look at this picture now and think “what a bad mock-up”, but it served it’s purpose. 
    2017 – I had the idea for the story. I had been inspired by my daughter to use the idea of “bullying yourself” and had used it to write a Toastmasters speech. Now I had the opportunity to present it as “The Bully in the Mirror” in a TEDx talk to students at Eden High School.

    2018 – Signed a publishing deal with HCI Books for The Big, Bad, Bully!
    2019 – The Big Bad Bully is finally a reality. We had such an awesome time signing an advanced shipment of books at three different book signings: St. Catharines, Toronto, and Salt Lake City. It was really wonderful to spend some time with everyone who came out. Catching up with long-time supporters and meeting new fans with Jack….. a dream come true. 
    Radio and TV interviews! Getting the word out about The Big, Bad Bully!
    Book Launch Day! We received over-whelming support of people sharing the book and buying online. We are so excited that the message is getting out! Thank you for sharing and helping to spread the word!
    The Virtual Book Reading! Everyone who purchased copies of The Big, Bad Bully got access to a live reading plus self-esteem building exercises with Jack and I. The really cool thing was seeing so many classrooms and schools participate and from all over the world too! We had people sign up from Bolivia, Sweden, New Zealand and of course Canada and the USA.

    Thank you for all that you do in helping to spread this important message. Every child (and adult) needs to be kind to themselves. 

    I feel your love, and your wonderful support through this journey. It truly was a dream come true. Patience and perseverance certainly played their part. I wasn’t worried that it took four years to come to bear. I knew it would happen. 

    One of the coolest things was being able to hang out with Jack for about a week, to spend time working together and to see a master at work.

    If you purchased a copy of The Big, Bad Bully please leave a review on Amazon if you have’t already. I am running a give-away for a $100 Amazon gift card (on both amazon.ca and amazon.com). The first 100 reviews get entered to win! Jack is away on vacation right now. I want to have a surprise for him with a tsunami of reviews for when he gets back. Before he left, I know he was reading every review. 

    A BIG thank you, again, for your help in spreading the message of The Big, Bad Bully.