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Children's Book Author

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For a children's book to have a positive impact, aspiring authors need to know how to shape their story into the best book it can be, then get it out into the world!

Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry want to help you learn the foundations of getting your book into the hands of children that need your message.

What You’ll Learn with Jack & Miriam:

Why children's books are so important now... (more than ever!)

Key differences between self-publishing & traditional publishing

Marketing tips & tricks that
every author should know

What You’ll Learn in the video Mini-series:

Discover the Big Picture:
Know Why you are writing and 
Who are you writing for

Learn how to write an awesome, yet organized story by using a
fool-proof planning method

Understand the top writing secrets that ensure your book will
resonate with children

Jack Canfield &
Miriam Laundry

Jack Canfield is known as originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul™ books and has authored and co-authored over 250 titles, with over 500 million copies of his books circulating world-wide. He holds the Guinness World Record™ for having 7 books on the New York Times Best-Selling list at the same time. Jack is always a pleasure to learn from, so don't miss this exclusive training and Q&A!

Miriam Laundry is award-winning, best-selling author who started with a simple mission to empower children organized an international event that secured her a Guinness World Record™. After writing five books, Miriam now focuses her efforts on coaching new authors on how to publish and launch their own books. Miriam will continue your training in the days following the Webinar with the video Mini-series.