Today is International Women’s Day and there’s no  better way to celebrate than highlighting the amazing women who make life easier at Miriam Laundry Publishing.

And it gives you the chance to meet some of the team!

Sarah Headshot

Chief Operating Officer

This is Sarah. She’s my Chief Operations Officer (which is basically a fancy term for “she’s my right-hand woman!”) Sarah’s been with me at Miriam Laundry Publishing (formerly Laundry Books)  since day one, making sure everything runs smoothly. Seriously, she’s a life saver.

Jessica Headshot

Executive Assistant

Meet Jessica, my wonderful, awesome, incredible sister. As my Executive Assistant, she offers some much-appreciated support in times of need. In addition to working at Miriam Laundry Publishing, Jessica runs her own business called Boutique Linen Rentals where she offers decorating rentals and services.

Kalyna Headshot

Operations Manager

This is Kalyna, my Operations Manager. Kalyna is responsible for keeping us all organized and she absolutely ROCKS it. No matter how much I have going on, Kalyna manages to keep the whole team on track. She's the most organized person I've ever met. I don’t know how I managed before Kalyna came along!

Sharon Headshot

Senior Editor

Sharon is such a valuable member of the team. She takes care of editing all the manuscripts that come in through my Publishing Mastermind and even teaches writing to my Children’s Book Masterclass. She’s such a knowledgeable woman and I’m so grateful to have her around.

Samara Headshot

Book Designer

Similar to Sharon, Samara does a lot of work with the members of my Publishing Mastermind. Once the Masterminders have the writing and illustrations for their manuscripts ready to go, they send them over to Samara so she can put it all together into a beautiful children’s book. She’s one of the hardest working women I know!

Lauren Headshot

Copywriter & Editor

This is Lauren, my copywriter and editor. Her responsibilities include writing the copy for my blogs, newsletters, etc., and providing additional editing for some of the authors in my Publishing Mastermind. She’s a total wizard with words!

Miriam Headshot

Lady Boss/CEO

I’m sure you know me by now. I’m Miriam Laundry and I’m so honoured to have the opportunity to not only work as the CEO of my publishing company  but also to work alongside such phenomenal women. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

These women inspire me daily to show up and be the best version of myself.

I'll never get over how fortunate I am to have a team of such strong and empowering women and I’m so excited to see Miriam Laundry Publishing continue to grow with their help.

If you have inspirational women in your life, make sure to give them a big shout out on International Women's Day and let them know that you appreciate them.

Thank you to all the motivating women out there who always put their best foot forward. You are incredible!

P.S. I also have two incredible men working alongside me. John & Brandon, you complete the team! But sorry, today’s all about the women 😉 

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