Become a Published Author.

Learn how to write and launch your children’s book, even if you have no idea where to start….

Guides for the Journey to Your Published Book

Miriam Laundry

Author, Mentor
CBM Course Creator/Instructor:
Modules 6-12

An award-winning, best-selling author who started with a simple mission to empower children organized an international event that secured her a Guinness World Record™. After writing four books, Miriam now focuses her efforts on coaching new authors on how to publish and launch their own books.

Sharon Jennings

Author, Editor
CBM Course Instructor:
Modules 1-5

With over 42 years experience in the children’s book industry, Sharon has written over 70 books for young people, and was nominated for the prestigious Governor General's award. She now edits, teaches at Ryerson University in Toronto, evaluates manuscripts, and travels around the country giving author visits and workshops.

Jack Canfield

Best-Selling Author, Speaker
Featured Guest on CBM

Jack has authored and co-authored over 200 books, and has over 500 million copies of his books circulating world-wide. He holds the Guinness World Record™ for having 7 books on the New York Times Best-Selling list at the same time

Maria Dismondy

Best-Selling Author, Publisher
Featured Guest on CBM 

Maria began as an author by self-publishing and found critical acclaim. She has sold over 1 million copies of her books worldwide, and is now the founder and CEO of Cardinal Rule Press, a traditional publishing house producing high-quality children’s literature.

Writing a successful children’s book isn’t impossible. It’s even easier when you have the blueprint.

“I decided to write my first children’s book at the worst possible time. I had a newborn baby, along with three other children, and a busy photography business that kept me travelling.”

I had every reason not to write a book, or to put it off- to say “someday…” But, instead I decided to make it happen and just take that first step, even if I didn’t know exactly how.

I wish I would have had a guide, a mentor to show me the way. I would have avoided many rookie mistakes, and saved a lot of money, too! Everyone says that hindsight is 20/20, but now that I have “arrived” I know I need to help new authors who find themselves in a similar position. 

I don’t want you to struggle the way I did.

The Children’s Book Masterclass has been designed SPECIFICALLY for new authors as a step-by-step instruction manual on how to get from an idea to a hard-cover reality.

It covers everything you need to know about writing a page-turning classic, and then launching it successfully. 


This online course teaches how to write, publish, and launch a children’s book. It provides a road map; a concrete checklist to navigate self-publishing and arrive at a successful book launch. The course includes LIVE teaching, as well as example materials that can be adapted for personal use.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

12 weeks of LIVE teaching that strengthen your grasp of the three pillars of a successful children’s book: Writing, Publishing, and Marketing. Each week, the LIVE teaching will walk you through one of the steps towards becoming a published author. Each Module provides resources you can use to plan your own book and launch it. The video replays will be available after the LIVE teaching takes place so you can follow on your own schedule.

Get Clarity

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed by choices! The Masterclass will give you a clear understanding on what the next step is. Parameters on how to choose the right illustrator, the right printing option, and the right contract terms for negotiation are all included. You’ll have a clear idea of WHY you are doing this and WHO your book is for…. and all the little details in between.

Know Where to Start

This course gives a step-by-step checklist of the things you need in order to self-publish a children’s book. Each Module will touch on a different aspect that is essential to the process. You’ll have a clear idea of what the next step is, and a good sense of what price range to expect so you can avoid spending money on unnecessary expenses.

Learn from Experience

The best way to do something new is to have the help of a guide. Miriam brings a wealth of knowledge to this course with her experience in writing, publishing and marketing children’s books. This Masterclass will help you avoid rookie mistakes, and save yourself time and money.

Stay Motivated

It’s one thing to start something, but another thing entirely to finish it. Every author struggles with writer’s block, and this course addresses it directly. Join a private community of like-minded individuals; get your questions answered, stay motivated, and ensure that you cross the finish line, every single time.

Your Path to Published Author



A step-by-step path for writing a children’s book that children will LOVE and want to read over and over, with Writing Expert, Sharon Jennings.



A complete guide on making your finished manuscript a printed reality with publishing powerhouse, Miriam Laundry. Checklist included.



Live your dream, and make money at it too. Learn what it takes to ensure your book sells, including insight on how to get best-selling status.

Marketing plan included.

Here’s what people are saying about Miriam...

Lori Parks

Author of The Power of One

“I researched for years about how to get a book published- it all seemed so complicated, and difficult to get a book noticed by traditional publishers. I felt like I kept hitting road-blocks. When I learned that Miriam was offering a course, and I would have someone to guide me through the process, I knew it was what I had to do- what I had been looking for.”

Jennifer Kitzmiller

Author of Patches' Paws

“ I had absolutely no idea where to start or what steps to take to get my book published. That has now changed thanks to Miriam!”

Baldev Grewal

Author of Good Night Leena... Sleep Tight

“Miriam’s coaching and support is invaluable to me on this journey to write and publish a series of children’s books geared towards little human beings who will take this world in to the future.”


In 12 helpful modules, get exactly what you need to KNOW and what to DO to get your book published.


MODULE 1: Getting Clear on The Big Picture
  • Ensure your story is “child-centred” 
  • Working with an illustrator
  • Picture Book Essentials (page + word count)
  • BONUS: Knowing your WHY, with Miriam -  Ensure you finish strong by knowing WHY you are writing a children’s book


MODULE 2: Deep Dive into Characters Children LOVE
  • Creating characters that your readers can identify with
  • Discovering their voice (and yours, as an author)
  • Strategies for approaching difficult topics + themes 
  • How characters can either make or break a book


MODULE 3: Make your book a “Page-Turner”
  • Hook your reader with the first page
  • Creating tension (that is age-appropriate, depending on audience)
  • Finish strong with an ending your audience loves.


MODULE 4: Less is More
  • Getting away from narration, and learning how to “Show + Tell”
  • Highlighting the points that will grab + keep your reader’s attention
  • Making sure your dialogue rings true
  • Moving the story with action


MODULE 5: Perfecting your Story
  • How to edit your story after the first draft is done
  • Questions you NEED to ask yourself before submitting to an editor
  • Taking what you’ve learned and apply to your book as a whole


MODULE 6: Everything Illustrator
  • How to find the perfect illustrator
  • How to negotiate a contract *Examples Provided! See what the professionals use, and swipe it for yourself.
  • Pricing, budgeting, and timeline 
  • Partnering with your illustrator for a striking book
  • Deciding what type of illustration is best for your book


MODULE 7: Working with a Graphic Designer
  • What a Graphic Designer does, and why you need one
  • Book covers that sell 
  • Getting your book ready with an ISBN#, Copyright, and more
  • A guide to a book’s four elements: front cover, back cover, spine, and inside pages.


MODULE 8: Going to Print
  • The guide on expected costs associated with printing a book
  • Tips on how to save money, where you need to spend, and where you can afford to save
  • Choosing softcover, hardcover, or e-book format
  • What is POD and is it a good option for you? (Print on Demand)


MODULE 9: Marketing Checklist and Overview
  • Marketing plan + schedule provided 
  • Why marketing is just as important as having a solid book
  • Thinking about your audience and creating your avatar
  • Using social media to build your author platform


MODULE 10: Website Essentials
  • How to get a website, even if you’re not a tech-y person
  • What a website needs to do for you, as an author
  • Make your website sell by building trust and relationship with visitors


MODULE 11: Launching Your Book
  • Setting up a Launch Party, and getting someone else to pay for it
  • Strategies for getting #1 best-selling status
  • Key elements in setting your book up on Amazon
  • Building a launch campaign (Swipe Copy + Checklist provided!)


MODULE 12: Getting Free Publicity
  • How to write a press release to get you local coverage (Examples provided! Swipe it for your own use) 
  • Use a Blog Tour to drive traffic to your website and sell
  • How to set up Virtual Book Readings
  • Landing Awards for your award-worthy book
  • Landing Podcasts + Interviews, what to do once you’ve got them


When You Join We’ll Also Hand You
THREE Exclusive Bonuses
Valued at Over $8,000

What is stopping you from putting your idea for a children’s book down on paper? It’s the number one reason most aspiring authors never even attempt to get their books published- FEAR. Fear of putting yourself out there, and fear of what it will cost you to do so. 

I want you to have ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you need to succeed as an author. 

That’s why I’ve added in some heavy-weight bonuses that teach you how to develop an author mindset and give you tried and true methods of making money as an author.

Bonus 1
Developing an Author Mindset with Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield, America’s Success Coach, certainly knows what it takes to successfully launch a book. He holds the Guinness World Record™ for having 7 books on the New York Times Best-Selling list at the same time.

Jack, more than anyone, knows that whether you finish your goal or not has everything to do with your mindset. His BONUS session will teach you how to get your head in the game, and finish strong.

Jack is going to teach how to Develop An Author Mindsetand you won't want to miss getting a look at this training.

Bonus 2
Your Extra Revenue Stream as a Children’s Book Author
with Miriam Laundry

How do you make money as an author? If you’re going to invest in self-publishing, you want to know that you can make your money back plus a tidy profit to boot.

Miriam is going LIVE to share her secret on how she sells the majority of her books. You’ll get a checklist PLUS example copies of what she uses that you can adapt for yourself.

Bonus 3
Building Your Platform
as An Author 

with Maria Dismondy

Maria is an award-winning author who has sold over 1 million books worldwide. She knows a thing or two about making a name for yourself in a saturated market, and how to stand out from the rest.

Learn how to build a platform using social media and PR tactics from the best in the business. She’ll tell you what you absolutely need in order to sell your books, and grow your following.

Teacher: Modules 1-5

Sharon has over 42 years experience in the children’s book industry. She has written over 70 books for young people, and was nominated for a Governor General's award. After graduating with a Master's Degree in English, Sharon became an editor in textbook publishing, before being inspired by her three children to start writing picture books. She now edits, teaches at Ryerson University in Toronto, evaluates manuscripts, and travels around the country giving author visits and workshops. She is also the President of CANSCAIP - the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and Performers.

Sharon Jennings

Children’s Book Expert

Here’s what people appreciate about the writing course instructor...


Author, The Magical Fickle Clock of Adventure 

"Sharon’s teaching is an excellent course to have been part of. It is a gradual walkthrough that will give any new author a solid foundation on the do’s and don’ts for writing a children’s book. It enabled me to better articulate and nurture the impact of my story and its characters. I am truly grateful for her time, especially when she shared her experiences as an editor and as an author."

Shelia Rocchio

Author, Toby the Turtle

"I am so grateful I was able to attend Sharon Jennings Writing Class as a bonus to Miriam Laundry’s Course. I learned so many valuable things in every lesson! Sharon is very engaging and brings a wealth of information to her teachings. I do not look at children’s books the same after her class. I highly recommend her and Miriam for anyone aspiring to be a children’s author. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with these highly successful authors. I now feel confident in writing my own book as I have the support of Sharon and Miriam."

* For one-time payment. Any applicable taxes are extra.

Course Enrollment closes on
July 30th 2020, 4pm Eastern


100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 14-Days

We understand that by purchasing this course you are making a significant financial investment. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your decision. To put your mind at ease, the Children’s Book Masterclass offers a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason whatsoever, simply contact us to process a return for a full refund of the course purchase price.

Look at what first time authors have to say...

J.D. Freeman

Co-Author, Bend Your Knees, Louise!

Miriam Laundry has a delightful way of engaging authors in the process of writing for children.

Karen Worthy

Co-Author, Bend Your Knees, Louise!

Miriam walks you through the process of writing a book in a non-intimidating way and is very thorough in explaining the proper steps to take to making your book a reality. 

Lauren Bertone

Author, The Bright Purple Monster

Miriam provided valuable and practical tips to enhance my writing. It helped me recognize how I can improve the quality of my writing and better target my stories for a young readership.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Children’s Book Masterclass run again?

Unfortunately we don’t know when the Masterclass will be offered again. Miriam has assembled an amazing team of absolute experts in writing and publishing, but it is uncertain if scheduling will allow for another run.

We hope you will join us! Enrollment closes July 30, 2020.

How long is the course?

The Masterclass runs for 12 weeks, beginning on August 3, 2020. Every week contains a 90 minute LIVE training session.

What if I can’t make the LIVE training dates?

Every LIVE training session is recorded and uploaded for you to view at your convenience. You’ll be able to access the training when it works for YOU.

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you purchase the course, it’s yours. If you need to take your time working through the material you’ll have all the time you need to go back and review the training.

We can’t promise that you’ll have access to all the content indefinitely, but if anything changes years from now, we’ll be sure to let you know and make alternative arrangements.

Do I get direct feedback on my manuscript?

Editing, reviewing, or coaching is not included in the course, but we’ll be happy to recommend some solid options for finding what you need. PLUS you’ll have access to the private group of new authors via Facebook - and that’s the perfect forum for getting ideas and feedback.

Is this course open to people outside North America?

Yes! We are happy to work with our international friends. Because the training is online, anyone with an internet connection should be able to participate. Be aware of the time change for the scheduled live training, and you are good to go!

My question wasn’t answered here. Who can I ask?

Please reach out to us here. We keep a close eye on all communication that comes in through here and mark it as priority. You can expect to get an answer back quickly.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with the course?

Absolutely. The Children’s Book Masterclass comes with a 14 day full money-back guarantee. That gives you two weeks to review the material and get to know the instructors. We know that the course is packed with vital info for new authors, but if you’re not happy, you can absolutely get your money back.

Get updates and be among the first to hear when the Children's Book Masterclass re-opens!

Your personal note

My mission has always been to empower children, to help them have a positive mindset so that they grow up to be confident individuals.

In 2012 I published my first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, and with it, set a Guinness World Record™ with the goal of empowering 100,000 children. Since then I have published several more books, also award-winning and best-selling. BUT, I realized that at best, I can put out one book a year. This limits how many children I can inspire. 

I asked myself, “how can I reach more children?” and the idea to teach other authors came to me. I want to help others put their books out so that, together, we can inspire more. I want to align with other authors who have important messages to share. My mission is to empower and inspire children through books, and I want to partner with YOU.