Discover the 5 
Golden Rules

for Writing a Picture Book Children will Love

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  • Jan 25th - Tuesday - 12 pm EST/ 9 am PST

During this training with bestselling author Miriam Laundry, you’ll discover:

How to define exactly who you’re writing for so that you choose the right category of children’s book for you.

The #1 strategy to share your message and lesson so that you engage children from cover to cover.

How to start and finish your book so that a child is drawn in from the very first words and is delighted when they get to the end.

During this training I will share…

  • The key elements of a professional children's book so that you have a proven framework to confidently start writing.
  • Proven tips that will help you fulfill your dream to empower children and make a difference in their lives.
  • How to use the 5 Golden Rules to write your book so that children are excited to read it over and over again.

Plus an extra little something for you...

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Receive Jack Canfield’s BONUS training The Bestselling Author Mindset and uncover the success strategies that led him to reach international audiences with over 500 million worldwide sales.

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It's time to make your dream of writing a children's book a reality.

 Discover the 5 Golden Rules for 
 Writing a Picture Book 

 Children will Love