How to Write a Picture Book Children Will Love
(and Parents Will Buy!)

… Even if you have never written anything before.

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On this free live training with bestselling author, Miriam Laundry, you’ll discover:

  • How to write a children’s picture book that sells (even if you’re not an author and haven’t written anything since college!)
  • 3 common mistakes first-time authors make when writing picture books for kids (and how to AVOID them).
  • The publishing option you haven’t considered yet (and the roadmap to get your children’s book written, published & marketed on YOUR timetable).

Miriam Laundry is a 5-time bestselling author of both self-published and traditionally published books.

Miriam appeared on CBC, CTV, CityTV, CHCH, and has given a TEDx Talk.

Whether you …

  • are excited about writing a children’s book 
  • have a message children need to hear
  • OR
  • are ready to leave a children’s book as your legacy …
  • You CAN get the answers!

Meet Your Host: Miriam Laundry

Miriam began with a simple goal to empower children. Her very first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, ended up setting a Guinness World Record®. After finding success with her own self-published books, Miriam began collaborating with Chicken Soup for the Soul® originator, Jack Canfield, and landed a book deal with HCI Books. Her unique position with both self-published and traditionally published books gives her a great perspective for new authors. She continues to write award-winning children’s books and now mentors other aspiring authors so they can share their stories with the world, too. She founded her own publishing company with the goal of empowering even more children by partnering with new authors.

On my new free live training, I'm revealing my step-by-step system for writing children’s books that sell and delight young readers again and again.

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