Book Release: February 23, 2021

A delightful but powerful story that offers children lifelong lessons about believing in themselves, bolstering their self-esteem, and turning the words "I Can't" into "I Can!"

Molly has been chosen to be the next Star of the Day! Most kids would be excited. Molly, however, is terrified! She just can't speak in front of her class. She worries all day. She frets all night. "I can't . . . I can't," Molly convinces herself. Or can she?

I Can Believe in Myself is a book that challenges children to change the way they think. Other themes in this book include compassion, confidence, and self-esteem as Molly convinces her classmates--and even her teacher--that they can, indeed, change their perceptions and do things they never thought possible.

What's NEW?

Miriam Laundry & Jack Canfield have teamed up to re-release the award-winning I CAN Believe in Myself  with more self-esteem building exercises and beautiful NEW illustrations!

I CAN Believe in Myself was originally self-published by Miriam Laundry in 2013.

The book made world record history in May 2014 when it inspired an online book discussion that set a Guinness World RecordĀ®.

Miriam Laundry organized the event with the goal to empower 100,000 children to believe in themselves, but did not imagine that this effort would inspire children from over 29 different countries to participate.

Jack Canfield and Miriam Laundry released their first book, The Big, Bad Bully, in 2019 with publisher HCI Communications and are excited to co-author this new release of I CAN Believe in Myself.   

Self-esteem expert, Jack Canfield, has packed the new version out with additional confidence building exercises for children! 

The book is now available to order.