440x550 i can believeI CAN Believe in Myself Book Description – Molly has been chosen to be the next Star of the Day! Most kids would be excited. Molly, however, is terrified! She just CAN’T speak in front of her class. She worries all day. She frets all night. “I CAN’T… I CAN’T…. I CAN’T,” Molly convinces herself. Or can she? “I CAN Believe in Myself” is a book that challenges children to change the way they think. Other themes in this book include compassion, confidence and self-esteem. “I CAN Believe in Myself” has garnered multiple awards, become a #1 Amazon Best Seller, and set a Guinness World Record™



“I love how this book teaches us to believe in ourselves at a young age. This is a must read for all ages!”

Dr. Kevin Leman

“Miriam’s book presents a marvellous way to help kids reach their goals. It looks deceptively simple but conveys profound, deep truth that should be spread to each and every kid in our world.”

Wolfgang G. Sonnenburg
This children’s picture book has an important message for BOTH children and adults. The message to believe in yourself reached little Molly in the story but it also affected her classmates and her teacher! My daughter could easily connect to the character Molly in the book about being nervous to speak in front of her class. We discussed all of the things my daughter COULD do! The very last page of the book encourages this type of discussion.
Miriam’s message is clear, she is out to make a difference, and for THAT I highly recommend you pick up a copy of her new book!
Maria Dismondy

“Two little words that make a big difference…I CAN. This book is clever, cute and very effective. It helps children believe in themselves and improve their self-esteem. Highly recommended!”

Jack Canfield