“That was amazing! Thank-you so much. The kids loved it and they are going to use the I can certificate in the classrooms. We love your message and can’t wait to tell other schools what a great experience this was.” 

Crystal Russell, Library Technician, St. Joseph’s, Port Elgin

Pricing: FREE with the purchase of 20 books or $250*

We make it easy with our take-home order forms. Contact our team to pencil in your free virtual author visit:

How it Works: Miriam visits your classroom online via Zoom (audio & video call) for a Virtual Author Visit. Display the video call on your smart board or through a projector so everyone can see. Each presentation is about 30 minutes and includes a book reading of your chosen book, a positive message, and a question and answer period.

You also get access to the same I CAN materials that an in-person author visit includes like the Reader's Guide, Activities, Colouring Pages, and I CAN Certificates. These extra materials are great for reinforcing the I CAN message with students.

Choose from Four Presentations:

The Big, Bad Bully (Grades 5-8)

Self-Esteem expert Jack Canfield and noted educational speaker Miriam Laundry reveal that the biggest bully in a child's world is not lurking around the corner but living inside her head. Perfect for grades 3-8. 

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I CAN Believe in Myself (Grades 1-6) – Molly has been chosen to be the next Star of the Day! Most kids would be excited. Molly, however, is terrified! She just CAN’T speak in front of her class. She worries all day. She frets all night. “I CAN’T… I CAN’T…. I CAN’T,” Molly convinces herself. Or can she?  Themes in this book include compassion, confidence and self-esteem.  

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I CAN Make a Difference (Grades 1-6) – Alex cannot believe it! He and his classmates are going to be given ten dollars each! But his fun gets fouled when he discovers that he must spend his gift to make a difference in someone else’s life. To make matters even worse, Alex loses his money! How is he ever going to make a difference now? This book shows children how they can make a difference for others by using their time, talents or treasures.

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I CAN Be Me (Grades 1-6) – Maria just wants to be the same as everyone else. But, no! Coming from a different country, she looks different and eats different foods with different names, like “pupusas” (which Alex has fun pronouncing: “Poo-POO-sa”). Embarrassed, Maria withdraws and struggles to focus, but she soon discovers that she and all her classmates ARE the same in one surprising way: they are all uniquely different!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Capacity: One to two classrooms per presentation.

Presentation Length: About 30 minutes.

Availability: Email us to find availability and pencil in your date: team @ miriamlaundry.com

Where to Order the Books: Please contact us to place your order. Orders made through the online store (while welcome) DO charge shipping. We want to cover those shipping charges* and also give you the option to get the books signed for students.

*Shipping: Shipping is free within Canada, however shipping charges may apply to international orders.