Write for Children: 

5 success strategies

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This Training is Perfect for You If:

You’re looking for a place to start.

This training will give you the information you need to confidently step forward as a writer.

You’ve tried to publish a children’s book, but it hasn’t worked out yet.                              

You're lacking motivation. 

Now’s not the best time, right? Actually, it is, and this FREE training will tell you why.

You want your book to sell.

This training offers the marketing secrets every bestselling author has tucked up their sleeve.

You feel LOST.    

You’ve heard so many things from so many people and have no clue where to go for help.

You’re worried your book idea isn't print worthy. 

FYI, it is! You CAN do this.

Write for Children: 5 Success Strategies

5 Success Strategies to Write, Market & Publish Your First Best-Selling Children’s Book

This FREE training is the perfect way to kickstart your author journey as you discover the foundations of getting your book into the hands of children that need your message.

Things you’ll discover:


How to define exactly who you’re writing for. 

 Many first-time authors think they know, but you'll discover how to dig a little deeper and increase your book's impact. 


The importance of knowing your audience.

NYT Bestselling author, Jack Canfield, is going to share with you why knowing your audience is directly tied to how successful your book is.


The difference between self and traditional publishing.

Discover how the publishing world is changing for your benefit, and which option is best for you.


Jack Canfield’s BEST marketing strategy.

Marketing matters and Guinness World Record holder, Jack Canfield, wants to tell you how you can take your promotion skills to the next level.


Miriam Laundry’s BEST marketing strategy.

With 5 bestselling and award-winning titles to her name, Miriam Laundry is ready to share her top marketing strategy with you.

From Miriam

As the founder of Miriam Laundry Publishing, and the author of five bestselling and award-winning children’s books, I know that growing your confidence and learning more are the keys to cultivating a successful author journey.

When I first decided to become an author, I had no clue where to start. The fear of leaving my comfort zone tempted me to sit where I was and let my dreams pass me by. I felt stuck.

Then, I realized that my fears weren’t only stopping me from becoming a published author. They were stopping me from empowering children with my book.

Because of my fears, children wouldn’t grow their confidence or learn to believe in themselves.

So, I tossed my fears aside and made the choice to dive in.

Then, I watched as over 100,000 children were encouraged by the I CAN story, all because I finally took the initiative to go for it.

Now, my goal is to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to write for children.

The world needs your story. Children need your story.