Become a Published Author

Imagine what it would feel like to hold your children’s book in your hands. Publishing it is easier than you think.

This Publishing Mastermind will take you from a rough draft to a finished product.

The Publishing Mastermind Program is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be the first in line when it opens again.

I know you want to jump right into all the details about the program, but we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room…

How do you know this program is for you?

Time is of the essence, so I figured we might as well kick things off by discussing this frequently asked question. And since I want to respect your time, I’m going to dive right into the answer.

You’re a hard worker who is always putting others, especially children, before yourself. You’re passionate about helping the next generation grow in their confidence and creativity. But you struggle to pinpoint the right time and place to start. You often find yourself saying, “It’s not the right time yet…”

Putting others first for so long has made you lose track of your personal goals, but you’re finally ready to pursue your dreams and use the gift that has been within you all along.

Maybe you...

Want to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren

Have always had a desire to write a children’s book

Have a message that children need to hear

Want to make a greater impact on the children around you

Have heard a friend or family member tell you to publish, but you haven’t seriously pursued it yet

Feel like it might be too late to realize your dreams (FYI, it’s never too late!)

Know that, if you don’t publish your children’s book, you will regret not doing it

Already know publishing would be your dream come true!

If you said, “that’s me!” to any of those statements, then you should know that the Publishing Mastermind was MADE for YOU.


The Publishing Mastermind’s 3-step editing process will provide all the feedback you need to perfect your manuscript and craft a story children will beg to read again and again. 

Professional editing included.


Find the illustrator of your dreams and leave it to us to handle prepping your book for a printer. In other words, dodge the major headache many authors face in their journeys.

Book design included.


Send your book out into the world and watch it climb the charts with our proven marketing plan. You’ll have everything you need to attract your fans and reap every penny of sales.

Launch plan and support included.

The Publishing Mastermind Program is currently closed.
Join the waitlist to be the first in line when it opens.

One of my favourite parts of the Publishing Mastermind is the long-lasting friendships and community it creates. I can confidently say that each one of the authors that have come through the Publishing Mastermind is now a good friend of mine. And I’m sure they would say the same about their fellow Masterminders, too.


Working with Miriam, is honestly one of the highlights of my life. There are a lot of Publishers out there, but I believe that Miriam is the best!  She really cares about you, and your project. If given the opportunity to work with her:  Run - don't Walk!  You will be changed for the better; both as a writer, and a human being. You couldn't choose a better Coach/Mentor - Publisher.

Lori Parks - Author, The Power of One

Cindy Crosby Saying Hello Headshot

After sitting on my manuscript for 5 years, working with Miriam has been so rewarding.  She has been such a great support in helping me navigate the many steps and choices leading toward my published work.  At times when I have felt stuck, she has gently encouraged me to trust myself and move forward.  She has also provided so many resources that have helped me complete my goal much faster than I ever could have on my own.  As a first-time author, I have no regrets about working with her!

Cindy Crosby - Author, Saying Hello

Harlene Grewal Headshot

I never imagined that our book would become an Amazon Best Seller, but after finishing this Mastermind, I'm not surprised because Miriam brings out the best! If you dream of writing a children's book, but it seems just out of reach, I encourage you to try the Publishing Mastermind program. She can help you accomplish your goal!

Harlene Grewal- Co-author of Goodnight Leena...Sleep Tight

Publishing Mastermind Success Stories

And of course, the part that every author loves best about the Publishing Mastermind is the moment they get to hold their children’s books in their hands. Can you imagine what that moment would feel like for you?

Here’s what it looked like for these authors:


“You accomplished what you set out to do…”


“Telling my teacher she really DID make a difference in my life…”


“Holding my book in my hands…”

Sound like something you want to be a part of? I would love to have you on board. The Publishing Mastermind Program is currently closed, SO Join the waitlist to be first in line when it opens!


Here's what you'll get...

  • Publish Your Book! – We publish your book.
  • Private Coaching – Monthly 30-minute Private Coaching Calls with Your personal Author Coach.
  • Mastermind Group – (12x) 90-minute exclusive, focused Mastermind Calls with Miriam. 
  • Best-Selling Author Status – You’ve got the support of our team + access to a larger audience.
  • Concrete Marketing Strategies – Professional, collaborative help for a custom strategy that suits your needs.
  • Professional Editing – We do it for you!
  • Book Layout – We do it for you!
  • Interior Book Design – We do it for you!
  • Book Cover Design – We do it for you!
  • Amazon Set Up – We do it for you!
  • Make a Difference – Learn how to maximize the impact of your message.
  • Expert Advice – Draw on Miriam and her team’s experience and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Profit Generating Strategies – Tried and true methods for generating income with your book.
  • Social Media Strategies – Learn what works and what doesn’t with facebook, twitter and instagram.
  • Social Media Graphics – We do custom graphics for you!
  • Book Rights – You retain all the rights to your book.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the best part. When you register for the Publishing Mastermind, you will automatically get access to my latest Children’s Book Masterclass, where you’ll learn everything you need to know to publish your children’s book.

I’ll admit, this is probably the biggest and best bonus I’ve ever given out. Why? Because the knowledge you gain from CBM is invaluable and you get lifetime access.

Want to know exactly what you’ll learn? Here’s an overview of all 10 CBM Modules:

Module 1: Getting Clear on The Big Picture

  • Ensuring your story is "child-centered"
  • Working with an illustrator
  • Picture Book Essentials (page + word count)
  • BONUS: Knowing your WHY with Miriam — Guarantee that you'll cross the finish line
  • Extra Resource: Picture Book Template
  • Module 2: Deep Dive into Characters Children LOVE

  • Create characters that your readers can identify with
  • Discover their voice (and yours, as an author)
  • Strategies for approaching difficult topics + themes
  • How characters can either make or break a book
  • Module 3: Make your book a "Page-Turner"

  • Hook your reader with the first page
  • Create tension that is age-appropriate
  • Finish strong with an ending your audience loves
  • Module 4: Less is More

  • Use narration effectively by learning how to "Show + Tell"
  • Highlight the points that will grab + keep your reader's attention
  • Make sure your dialogue rings true
  • Move the story with action
  • Module 5: Perfecting Your Story

  • How to edit your story after the first draft is done
  • What you need to ask yourself before submitting to an editor
  • Apply what you've learned to your book as a whole
  • Module 6: Everything Illustrator

  • Decide what type of illustration is best for your book
  • Find the perfect illustrator
  • Pricing, budgeting, and timeline
  • Negotiate a contract 
  • Partner with your illustrator for a striking book
  • Extra Resource: "Fill-in-the-Blank" Illustrator Agreement/Contract
  • Module 7: Working with a Designer & Going to Print

  • What a Book Designer does and why you need one
  • Extra Resource: "Fill-in-the-Blank" Book Designer Agreement/Contract
  • Book covers that sell
  • Getting your book ready with an ISBN#, copyright, and more
  • Every book's four essential elements: front cover, book cover, spine, and inside pages
  • Extra Resource: Logistics Checklist
  • Expected costs associated with printing a book
  • Tips on how to save money, where you need to spend, and where you can afford to save
  • Choosing softcover, hardcover, and/or e-book format
  • What is Print on Demand and is it a good option for you? 
  • Module 8: Everything Marketing

  • Why marketing is just as important as creating a quality book
  • Thinking about your audience and creating your avatar
  • Using social media to build your author platform
  • Extra Resource: Book Launch Marketing Plan
  • Module 9: Website Essentials

  • How to get a website, even if you're not a tech-y person
  • What a website needs to do for you, as an author
  • Encourage sales by building trust and relationships with website visitors
  • Module 10: Launching Your Book

  • Set up a Launch Party and get someone else to pay for it
  • Strategies for earning #1 bestselling status
  • How to set up your book on Amazon
  • Build a launch campaign
  • Land awards for your award-worthy book
  • Extra Resource: Example Promotional Materials Included
  • Bonuses

    Remember that Children’s Book Masterclass bonus I mentioned earlier? You should know there are two more bonuses that come with the Publishing Mastermind. Here’s an overview of every bonus you’ll receive when you register:

    Bonus 1
    Children's Book Masterclass [Recordings]

    As you already know, the Children’s Book Masterclass will give you instant access to everything you need to know to publish your children’s book with clarity & confidence. These 10 recorded modules contain all the knowledge Miriam has gained throughout her publishing experience, providing you with the roadmap to guide all of your publishing decisions.

    Bonus 2
     How to Tell your Signature Story with Alex Street

    Alex Street believes when you tell your story, you change the world. As an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker for more than 20 years, he knows first-hand how powerful storytelling is when it comes to personal development, business strategy, and cultivating empathy in our world. Alex wants to teach you how to tell your signature story so you can discover & share your WHY with the world.

    Bonus 3
    Book Release Promo Package

    With a quality marketing plan from the MLP Team, this bonus will set you up for a successful book launch. The Book Release Promo Package includes social media marketing prior to and during your launch, a LIVE interview with Miriam Laundry, and a feature on the ML Publishing website & blog. So far, this Promo Package has contributed to every single one of our Masterminders reaching bestselling status. We’re confident that it will do the same for you, too.

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    — H. Jackson Brown Jr.

    The Publishing Mastermind Program is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be the first in line when it opens.

    If you said no, then odds are you still have a few questions about the program. Below you’ll find the answers to all of our Frequently Asked Questions.


    How much time will I need to commit to this program?

    To get the most out of this program, I recommend attending each LIVE Mastermind Group Call and each Monthly Coaching Call with your personal Author Coach, which adds up to approximately 2 hours every month

    The only additional time you will need to commit to this program is the time you will spend developing your children’s book (e.g., writing it, editing it, picking an illustrator, etc.)

        Many authors who come through the program worry about the time commitment, but what I have noticed is that even the busiest authors publish their books within the year. We've even had a full time university student publish during her graduating year. 

        At the end of the day, the amount of time you spend on your book is up to you, but you CAN do it!

    I’m not tech-savvy. Can I still participate?

    Absolutely! The MLP Team will provide tutorials on how to navigate the program and is always available for email communication if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

    I really want to do this but I’m worried about the cost. Will I get my money’s worth in this program?

    The Publishing Mastermind is a significant investment, but it will save you money in the long run.

    Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get in the program and how it compares to what you would pay to publish on your own:

    And, when you publish through the Publishing Mastermind, you retain ALL the rights and ALL the profits from your book sales (no royalty fees!).

    How do I know if I have what it takes to make it as an author?

         Lots of authors ask me this question, and I often ask them this in return: Why don’t you feel worthy as a writer? 

        When you tell yourself things like I’m not good enough, I’m not experienced enough, and I’ll never get anywhere by writing, you limit yourself. When you think about it, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been writing since you were 6 years old or if you just started. If you have a story to share, then YOU ARE A WRITER. 

        You have what it takes to make it as an author. All you have to do is say YES.

    I’m writing a middle-grade novel or YA book. Is this the right program for me?

    Currently, I am only accepting authors looking to publish their own children’s picture book.

    I have a message to share but I struggle with writing it out on paper. Does this program come with any services to help with writing?

    The short answer is YES. Our team of experts are here to support you & help you perfect your story.

    Our Senior Editor (Sharon Jennings) is an experienced & successful children’s book author and editor who provides editorial support to all the authors who come through the Publishing Mastermind, ensuring that your manuscript is perfectly polished before it goes to print. 

    Our Junior Editor (Lauren Bertone) holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English & Creative Writing, making her the best candidate to work alongside you as you draft your manuscript. She provides additional editorial support and writing advice so that you can publish your book with confidence.

    What if my story isn’t finished yet?

    That’s alright. Even if your first draft is still in the works, we would love to work with you. 

    Am I guaranteed bestselling status for my book?

    Though bestselling status is never guaranteed, we are confident in the marketing strategies we provide to our authors. So far, every author who has published through the Publishing Mastermind has achieved bestseller status.

    Is the cost of Illustrations & Printing included?

    The Publishing Mastermind is designed to give you complete creative control of your book. This means you get to pick an illustrator you love and choose the printer that’s right for you. Since illustrators and printers offer a wide range in pricing, these costs are not included in the program.

    Publishing my first children’s book changed my life. Even more importantly, it changed children’s lives, too.

    I know first-hand what it’s like to have a message to share with the world, know exactly how you want to share it, but also feel too overwhelmed to do it alone. It’s not easy to make decisions and stay motivated when there is nobody to help give you advice.

    By the time my book was published, I kept wondering how many other talented authors were out there, struggling just like I did. So, I decided to become the exact guide I was looking for all those years ago.

    Now, I have no words to explain the joy that comes from seeing these authors live their dreams, hold their published children’s books in their hands, and inspire children everywhere. I want to help you do the same.

    I want to help you turn your story idea into a book children will read for years to come.

    I want to help you publish your children’s book with zero stress included.

    I want to help you launch your book, reach bestseller status, and see your message make a difference in children’s lives.

    If you’ve ever felt the way I did when I first started — if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, lost, or maybe even discouraged — then I want you to know that you CAN do this. You CAN publish an inspirational children’s book and watch it be shared and loved by those around you.

    But first, you have to say YES.

    Let’s work together to get your message into the hands of children who need it.