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Imagine what it would feel like to hold your children’s book in your hands. Publishing it is easier than you think. 

This Publishing Mastermind will take you from a rough draft to a finished product.

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Your story will no longer be collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, but be front and centre at your first book launch. You will be a published author and will have made this dream a hardcopy reality.

Publishing Mastermind


With our three-step analysis we will help you perfect your manuscript. You’ll have concrete and specific advice to create a memorable story that children will want to read again and again.

Professional editing included


Find the perfect illustrator, and leave the headache of prepping everything for a printer with us. With the Publishing Mastermind your book will be published within the year!

Book designer included.


The marketing expertise for a successful book launch, how to achieve #1 Amazon Best-Seller status, and proven sales generating strategies are all yours. You’ll have everything you need to attract your fans and reap every penny of sales.

Launch plan and support included.

Change a world of NO to a world of YES.

Are you done with getting rejection letters from traditional publishing houses? The publishing world is changing, and you no longer have to wait for big brother’s approval to become a successful author. 

Miriam Laundry Publishing is a hybrid publishing company where your book will be published within 12 months in partnership with you. It’s NOT the traditional method where you wait for approval on a manuscript, have next to zero input on how it turns out, and sign away most of the profits. This Publishing Mastermind will give you the guidance you need to see it published in a way that fits your vision, and your schedule. 

Keep your Rights AND your Profits.

As a hybrid publishing company, Miriam Laundry Publishing partners with you to get your children’s book published within a year. The cost of printing is not included in the price of the Publishing Mastermind, and that’s a good thing! This means you keep the rights to your work and EVERY PENNY of book sales.

Bring your vision to life.

What do you want your children’s book to look like? What kind of quality do you see? With the Publishing Mastermind you have direct control over the quality of the book and the beauty of the illustrations. Miriam will offer all the guidance you need to choose the perfect illustrator and printing options.

Strength in Community.

The journey to becoming a successful author requires the support of a strong community, and this Mastermind is designed to do just that. Meet the fellow authors who will be walking with you over the twelve months from start to completion. Each member is hand-picked for their inspirational vision and commitment. Nothing can replace the encouragement and support that a working community provides as you step out into a new experience.

Avoid Costly Mistakes.

With five best-selling children’s books under her belt and a publishing deal with HCI books, Miriam knows what it takes to start with a dream and make it a reality. She is eager to pass on what she knows and make YOUR book a best-seller, too!

When she started out in 2012, self-publishing was the only alternative to a traditional publishing deal, and Miriam says she would have given anything to have someone show her the ropes. This Publishing Mastermind brings her wealth of experience and support to you. She will be with you every step of the way to show you the ins and outs of publishing and promoting your book.

My Mission

My mission has always been to empower children, to help them have a positive mindset so that they grow up to be confident individuals. In 2012 I published my first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, and with it, set a Guinness World Record with the goal of empowering 100,000 children.

Since then I have published several more books, also award-winning and best-selling. BUT, I realized that at best, I can put out one book a year. This limits how many children I can inspire. 

I asked myself, “how can I reach more children?” and the idea to publish other authors came to me. I want to help others put their books out so that, together, we can inspire more. I want to align with other authors who have important messages to share.

My mission is to empower and inspire children through books, and I want to partner with YOU.

What Authors say about Miriam


Lori Parks

Author of 

The Power of One

Working with Miriam, is honestly one of the highlights of my life. There are a lot of Publishers out there, but I believe that Miriam is the best!  She really cares about you, and your project. If given the opportunity to work with her:  Run - don't Walk!  You will be changed for the better; both as a writer, and a human being. You couldn't choose a better Coach/Mentor - Publisher.

Cindy Crosby Saying Hello Headshot

Cindy Crosby

Author of

Saying Hello

After sitting on my manuscript for 5 years, working with Miriam has been so rewarding.  She has been such a great support in helping me navigate the many steps and choices leading toward my published work.  At times when I have felt stuck, she has gently encouraged me to trust myself and move forward.  She has also provided so many resources that have helped me complete my goal much faster than I ever could have on my own.  As a first-time author, I have no regrets about working with her!

Recent Publications through the Publishing Mastermind

Saying Hello 3D Cover
Power of One 3D Cover

This Twelve Month Mentorship Includes:

  • Publish Your Book! – We publish your book
  • Private Coaching – Monthly 30-minute Private Coaching Calls with ML Publishing Coach
  • Mastermind Group – (12x) 90-minute exclusive, focused Mastermind Calls 
  • Best-Selling Author Status – You’ve got the support of our team + access to a larger audience.
  • Concrete Marketing Strategies – Professional, collaborative help for a custom strategy that suits your needs
  • Professional Editing – We do it for you!
  • Book Layout – We do it for you!
  • Interior Book Design – We do it for you!
  • Book Cover Design – We do it for you!
  • Amazon Set Up – Our team's expert advice!
  • Make a Difference – Learn how to maximize the impact of your message.
  • Expert Advice – Draw on Miriam and her team's experience and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Profit Generating Strategies – Tried and true methods for generating income with your book.
  • Social Media Strategies – Learn what works and what doesn’t with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Social Media Graphics – We do custom graphics for you!
  • Book Rights – You retain all the rights to your book.
  • BONUS: Author Workshop – Connect with fellow masterminders!

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