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My Arms Are Too Short! Book Cover by Lis Drage

My Arms Are Too Short!

By: Lis Drage

Trevor has one itchy back and two big problems:
His arms are too short!
Luckily, his big sister Lacey has a few tricks up her sleeve...

My Arms Are Too Short! is the second book in the Lacey series. It follows the fun story of Lacey, and her little brother
Trevor, doing what siblings do best - pulling pranks and making memories. Readers will enjoy laughing, jumping, and spinning with Trevor and Lacey as they follow along with their silly adventure.

Release date: August 31, 2022

Love From Your Heart by Primrose Lewis Book Cover

Love From Your Heart

By: Primrose Mary Lewis

Chantalabella has a school project due at the end of the week.

“It’s okay, I can do it later,” she says. But time is running out and Chantalabella hasn’t even started. Will she finish it in time, or will she miss the deadline on the biggest project of the school year?

Love from Your Heart is an inspiring story about how to care for oneself and others through creativity, responsibility, and friendship.

Release date: September 7, 2022

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Kathryn and PureLove by Kathy Bowes Book Cover

Kathryn and purelove

By: Kathy Bowes, M.S.W.

PureLove and a beautiful soul named Kathryn have a loving, healthy, and playful relationship in Heaven.

She is very curious about what it is like on earth and is excited to go, but she’s afraid she won’t feel close to PureLove while she’s there. Kathryn fears she will miss PureLove too much.

What will she do?
Will she be brave enough to go to earth?
If she goes, will she feel PureLove with her while she’s there?

Big Words for Little Hearts by Sue Fuller Book Cover

Big Words for Little Hearts 

By: Susan M. Fuller

Big Words for Little Hearts is an engaging guide that helps children learn how to promote mindfulness in their everyday lives. Simple repeatable mantras help children create a daily focus, breathing exercises allow children to build upon social-emotional skills and yoga poses maintain healthy minds, bodies and souls.

As they work through the big words found in this book, young children will enjoy the experience of growing their mindfulness along with their parents, caregivers and teachers. They will discover we can all learn from those around us, even from the littlest hearts.

One Joyful Scoop at a Time! by Maria Cecilia Borja Van-Zitter Book Cover

One Joyful Scoop At a Time!  /

¡Una Alegre Porción de Helado a la Vez!

By: Maria Cecilia Borja-Van Zitter

One Joyful Scoop at a Time! is the fun-loving story of Bo, a little boy who loves to swim, play, run, and jump! But after an unfortunate swim lesson, Bo starts missing out on his favourite activities.

“No ice cream today, Bo.”
“No playing at the park today, Bo.”
“No fun surprises today, Bo.”

Bo has had enough. With his patience wearing out, Bo decides It’s time to make a change...

One Joyful Scoop at a Time! is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers as they help children learn to overcome adversity, practice patience, and develop good listening skills. This book will inspire its readers to think for themselves, strengthen their self-esteem, and appreciate their God-given gifts.

Book Available in both English and Spanish.

The Big Book of I Ams by Robyn Allaby

The Big Book of I AMs: Positive Self-Talk for Children

By: Robyn Allaby

Learning to control our thoughts and be mindful of the way we talk to ourselves is a simple, but very effective, tool for building self-confidence and self-esteem.

With The Big Book of I AMs, children will learn powerful affirmations they can use every day to practise positive self-talk.

Tracy and the Heroes in Blue by Janet Dobson Book Cover

Tracy and the Heroes in Blue

By: Janet Dobson

After weeks of being hospital bound fighting pediatric cancer, Tracy finally comes home. But she soon discovers that life at home will look very different from now on.

“Maybe you should lie down and rest before dinner, Tracy.”

“Wash your hands, Tracy.”

“You can’t go back to school yet, Tracy.”

Tracy just wants life to go back to normal, but at this rate, nothing will ever be the same as before. Join Tracy as she learns that she is not alone on this journey and there is hope. Tracy and the Heroes in Blue is the honest story of one girl’s journey to discovering that you can always find joy, even when life feels far from normal.

Jazzy-cat's Cattitude by Becky Gramley Book Cover

Jazzy-Cat's Cattitude

By: Becky Gramley

What is a “Cat”-titude?
It’s a cat’s attitude.

For as long as she can remember, Jazzy-cat was a happy-go-lucky cat. Then, Roscoe, the new family dog shows up and makes himself at home. He steals Jazzy-cat’s food, plays with her toys and soon becomes the center of attention. As Jazzy-cat struggles to adjust to her new life, she finds herself in a sticky situation that may cause her to lose more than her favorite place to nap.

Will Jazzy-cat figure out a way to live with Roscoe in peace or will she lose her friends forever?

Little Isabella the Tiger Moth Book Cover by Mary Beth Shepherd

Little Isabella the Tiger Moth

By: Mary Beth Shepherd

Little Isabella the tiger moth's dream is to fly to Strawberry Moon. But the moon is far away and Little Isabella is worried about the journey.

Can she conquer her fears and follow her dream?
What friends might she meet along the way?
What dangers will she face?
And where does magical moondust come from?

Read Little Isabella the Tiger Moth and join Little Isabella as she makes a surprising discovery....

Octavia Can Do It! by Liliana Tommasini Book Cover

Octavia Can Do It! / Octavia est capable!

By: Liliana Tommasini

Octavia is a spunky little girl who loves to bake cookies with her Mama. Mixing flour, butter and eggs are one of her favourite things to do. Today, Octavia wants to do things differently.

When Mama steps out of the kitchen, Octavia takes over with an “I can do it” attitude. But as flour and cocoa cover the walls, cabinets, and countertop, she starts to question herself.

Will her cookies turn out as good as Mama’s cookies?

Octavia Can Do It! is the humorous story of a young girl as she discovers that even the most independent people need a little help sometimes.

Book Available in both English and French.

Farm Dog Fred Saves the Day Book Cover

Farm Dog Fred Saves The Day

By: Sarah Jones

Push... Poke... Nudge... Farmer Joe wouldn’t budge!

With Farmer Joe sick in bed, who will take care of the animals today?
Farm Dog Fred bravely steps up to help Farmer Joe and his friends, but he must overcome obstacles that stand in his way. Fred’s friends are all counting on him.

Can he save the day?

Farm Dog Fred Saves the Day is an interactive rhyming story about one dog’s bravery, self-confidence and determination. Farm Dog Fred encourages young minds to come alive. Parents, grandparents, teachers and children will enjoy acting out animal sounds and identifying sight words as they join Farm Dog Fred on his farm adventure.

Farm Dog Fred Saves the Day will have your little ones identifying animals, shouting out their sounds and acting out the scenes.

Peyton and the Magical Compass Book Cover

Peyton and the Magical Compass

By: Diana Zalucky

Why do the kids laugh at her? Peyton is sad that she gets made fun of for seeing the world in magical ways that the other kids just don’t. They see clouds. She sees spaceships. They see rocks. She sees faces. Peyton begins to wonder if the kids are right—maybe she is making it all up.

But Peyton receives a special gift that will ultimately change how she sees the world and herself.

Peyton and the Magical Compass encourages children to be confident in their gifts, trusting in their imagination, and in themselves. Beautifully illustrated by Shany Ahmed, this story is sure to delight you and your young reader as you enter a world of magic through the innocence and wonder of a true believer’s eyes.

We Are One Book Cover


By: Malini Anurajah Welti

2020, the world went on pause.

It was a year of challenges and a spectrum of new experiences.

WE ARE ONE has been framed as a conversation.

It is a calling, an appeal.

It is time to come together as One.

To embrace that we are not separate from each other, but part of One another.

Together it’s time WE become Extraordinary.

Not just for Humanity.

Written & Illustrated with love, light and raucous inspiration.

It's a Wonderful Story Book Cover

It's A Wonderful Story

By: Amanda Rose

“Oma how did you get from Germany to Iowa?”
“Amanda, that is a wunderbare Geschischte!”

When Lydia is sent out for a winter coat, she does what any young woman would do – she chooses fashion over function. Little does she know that this choice will change everything…

Follow Amanda and her Oma in this true story about how one suit jacket was able to conquer borders and create family in the most unexpected way. A heartwarming story about family, immigration, and love beyond boundaries, It’s A Wonderful Story will show readers that the more we learn from each other, the more we can appreciate and celebrate our differences.

Like Oma Lydia says, “Anna and I weren’t much different at all, only the places we called home were different.”

Best Friends Forever: A Puppy's Tale

By: Portia Y. Clare

Scoopie has just turned four, and she is getting a puppy for her birthday!

Scoopie and her new puppy, Sandy, become instant best friends. They play together, eat ice cream, and sleep in the same bed!

But when Sandy falls ill, Scoopie is left with endless questions:

What’s wrong with Sandy?
Will she get better?
When will we get to play again?

With just one diagnosis, everything changes.

Best Friends Forever: A Puppy’s Tale is a tender, heart-warming story about love, loss, and everlasting friendship. It is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers that will help them guide children through the real-life experience of owning, loving, and losing a beloved family pet, and finding the courage to share that love again.

Eddy Saves the World Book Cover

Eddy Saves the World

By: Laura Anika Barber

Instead of preparing for his presentation on climate change, Eddy daydreams about catching robbers and saving the world. But when Eddy shows his superhero costume to his friends, he’s surprised to hear their reactions…

“I wish your costume could help me save the fish.”
“I went to watch the polar bears last week, but I didn’t see any!”
“There was a fire in a forest nearby.”

Soon, Eddy discovers that a danger even bigger than thieves and robbers is threatening the world…

…and it’s up to him to save it.

You Belong Too

By: Tara Anderson

To everyone else at Meadowbrook Public School, it’s just an ordinary Monday.

But to Annie, it’s so much more.

Today is her first day at a brand-new school. She can feel the butterflies fluttering in her tummy.

Even though Annie’s Mom reminds her that she can do hard things, she wonders if it’s really true.

As she sits alone at recess, she begins to lose hope.

Maybe I can’t do hard things.
.... Or can she?

Join Annie as she overcomes her fears and takes a brave step towards kindness and friendship that leaves a positive effect on her entire class.

Ally Protects the La Jolla Seals Book Cover


By: Deborah Saracini


While Ally is snorkeling in La Jolla, a seal pup tugs on her flipper and changes her life forever. Though frightened at first, Ally quickly notices that the seal is just playing with her. But when Ally sees a group of people taking photos of the seals, touching them, and kicking sand their way, the mother seals flee into the water, leaving their pups alone.

With a passion for protecting her new friends of the sea, Ally realizes that it's up to her to help the seals and bring a voice to the voiceless.

Toby the Turtle Book Cover

Toby the Turtle

By: Shelia Rocchio

Uh-oh! I don’t think I like this!

Suddenly, the little turtle felt nervous and scared!

Maybe I don’t want to be someone’s pet after all!

Young and old alike can have fears when facing uncertainty and changes in life. Change can be scary! The question is…How do we manage these very real feelings?

Toby the Turtle is the heartwarming story of a little turtle going through a BIG change. On his new journey, Toby must learn to adapt to change, overcome his fears, and find friendship in the unknown.

Batter Up Billy

By: Brian Williams

When Billy plays baseball, he isn’t thinking about homeruns. Instead, Billy dreams of cake pops, caramel, and cheesecake.

Billy doesn’t like playing baseball, but when his dad tells him that sports are for boys, Billy has no other choice than to join the games and give up on his dreams of becoming a baker.

Until one day, Baker Beau visits Billy’s class, reminding him that batter is for more than just baseball.

Too Young Book Cover

Too Young

By: Sally Wong

Have you ever been told, “You’re too young”?

Niren and Mikki are on a quest to make a difference, but no one will let them.

You’re too young!

It’s too dangerous!

These are too heavy for you!

That’s all they keep hearing lately.

…Until they realize that the chance to become heroes has been hiding right under their noses all along.

Lucky's Hidden Talent Book Cover

Lucky's Hidden Talent

By: Janet Francis

Talent Day is Lucky’s least favourite day of the year. While her friends can twirl and twist and jump, she never has any talents to share! Lucky worries that she’ll never be good at anything. But then, Lucky tries a new experiment: the BIG Explosion! 

With a bottle of pop and a handful of mints, Lucky realizes that her talents weren’t so far away after all…

Lucky's Hidden Talent is a book all about one girl's mission to find her unique talent, opening the door for all children to discover their unique talents.

Gertie Saves the Day Book Cover

Gertie Saves the Day

By: Karen P. Nespoli

Gertie is determined to win the Groundhog Day Celebration Competition. Jeff may think that she is too short to win the competition, but Gertie is in it to win it! That's when the fun gets started with more twists and turns than a pretzel.

Gertie Saves the Day is more than a book about Groundhog Day. It is a story that explores the excitement of a special event, competition, disappointment and friendship. It is a book that children will want to read over and over again and will make a wonderful addition to any classroom or home library. 

Paula-Jean and Diddy-Bite-You by Geraldine McCall Book Cover

Paula-Jean and Diddy-Bite-You

By: Geraldine McCall

This is the heartwarming story about a little girl and the friendship she shares with her hard-headed dog.

When Paula-Jean finds out that her parents have decided to adopt a brand-new puppy, she couldn't be happier. But all doesn't go as planned when this new puppy starts barking at peacocks, chasing squirrels, and shaking water everywhere.

As Paula-Jean discovers how to manage her energetic puppy, she also realizes the importance of responsibility and experiences the enduring bond between a girl and her puppy.

The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak Book Cover

THE Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak

By: Khursheed Sethna

Meek Mouse has lost her squeak. She doesn’t remember where or when she lost it. She wanted to be a Teacher Mouse, but her friends laughed at her dream. With the help of a friend, Meek Mouse goes on a journey to find her squeak. Will she ever find it?

Bright Purple Monster book cover

The Bright Purple monster

By: Lauren A. Bertone

The only unusual thing  about Charlie is the Bright Purple Monster that lives on his shoulder.

Charlie wants to speak up in class, make friends, and score his first goal. The Bright Purple Monster wants to stop him.

“Don’t say that, Charlie!”

“They won’t like you, Charlie!”

“You’re going to miss, Charlie!”

If it was up to Charlie, he’d send the Bright Purple Monster on its way. But conquering his fears and silencing the monster on his shoulder isn’t easy. There’s no way Charlie can stand up to The Bright Purple Monster. At least, that’s what he thinks…

Where Do We Go Book Cover

Where Do We Go?

By: Robert D. De Wolfe

Bears can be a lot like people.

We aren’t so different from bears. We both live with our families in cozy homes and eat food like fish and berries. But sometimes, we don’t treat bears the way we’re supposed to. If we don’t make a change, we could lose some of our beautiful bears. How can we protect our environment and keep both bears and people safe?

Good Boy Nacho Book Cover

Good Boy, Nacho!

By: Kristine N. McQuown

From the day Benny’s family adopted him from the pound, Nacho has filled their home and their hearts with love. Come along as they explore sunny days, family, friends both human and four-legged, unconditional love, and a bit of squirrel chasing too!

Written in lyrical rhyme and told through colorful illustrations, Good Boy, Nacho! is a book that both children and adults will enjoy - over and over again. There is no doubt that Nacho will become one of the most beloved characters on your bookshelf.

Good Night Leena, Sleep Tight Book Cover

Goodnight Leena...Sleep Tight

By: Baldev Grewal and Harlene Grewal

An empowering, insightful story of a young girl's journey to understanding the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Leena never goes to sleep on time. Why sleep when she could play her cool new video game instead? Interestingly enough, the main topic for this week in her class is on the science of sleep. As she goes through her days feeling crabby and tired, will Leena finally uncover the secret of a good nights sleep? 

Help your children gain knowledge and understanding of the various components of well-being. The Be Well Children's Books series helps parents inspire and empower their children to take accountability and make choices aligned with their well-being, so they can live their optimal lives. These books can also help teachers open a dialogue with their students on various aspects of well-being, which otherwise do not get addressed. 

Bend Your Knees Cover

Bend your knees, Louise!

By: Jackie Freeman and Karen Worthy

This fun-loving grandmother teaches, Jack and Louise, the sport of Pickleball in a wise and playful way - and the results are even better than she hopes.

With clever rhymes and outstanding illustrations by award-winning artist, Kevin Fales, Bend Your Knees, Louise! guarantees to make believers - and devoted pickleball players - out of its readers.

Power of One Book Cover

The Power of One

By: Lori Parks

I want to ... but can I?

How often have you heard a child ponder that question? They can become lost in self doubt, and feel powerless.

Nolan is one such child. His heart is calling him to find a way to help; but can one person, especially someone little like him, really make a difference?

Through magical illustrations, and lyrical rhyme, this book's timeless message will plant seeds of hope in its readers heart, and inspire them to take action.

Follow Nolan on his beautiful journey to discovering his personal power, the power that lives in each and every one of us … The Power of One!

Alex and His Amazing Abilities Book Cover

Alex and His Amazing abilities

By: Maggie Sullivan

Parents, teachers and children will love Alex and his Amazing Abilities. The story chronicles the life of a boy named Alex who has been diagnosed with Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder.

The story talks about his frustrations of having an Individual Education Plan, “IEP” and feeling different from others … until grade eight. Alex’s teacher, Mrs. Hunter introduces the “IEP” talk and shares the special strengths that many students with learning disabilities have in common. Mrs. Hunter shows Alex how to turn his disabilities into Amazing Abilities.

This book can be used as a teaching tool for parents, teachers and children to discuss Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, and how to provide support so that they can turn their disabilities into amazing abilities. 

Jake Knight and the Tale of Vindicatum Book Cover


By: Lou Rider

What if you could actually go into the world of a supernatural library book, and become the main character?

Take a fourteen-year-old boy with an unusual problem, stir him into a pan simmering with one cup mystery, and two cups fantasy. Add a dash of history, a bit of murder, and a girl who is over a thousand years old. Season it all with a very unusual ghost. Bake it in a supernatural library, and what do you have? Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum.

When Jake takes this book out of the library, he has no idea what he will find. He and his best friend, Petie, actually go into the strange book! Will they be able to survive the dangers there? Will Jake finally overcome his own special struggles? What does the mysterious title, Vindicatum, mean? One thing is certain: there is no guarantee they will come back alive.

Saying Hello Book Cover


By: Cindy Crosby

Did you know ... there are shark teeth in the desert sand of Saudi Arabia? Japan has restaurants that deliver food by conveyor belt? It would take 550 days to walk the length of the Great Wall of China?

Join us on a trip around the world and meet some amazing friends as we learn about languages, cultures, geography, foods, and much more. Saying Hello is an engaging peek into our world that shows the many ways we are similar, as well as how fun and interesting our differences can be.