Spotlight: Where Do We Go? 

While he was growing up, new author Robert (Bob) De Wolfe was very familiar with bears. His community often discussed bears and the important roles they play in maintaining a healthy environment. With a lot of black bears in the surrounding area, Bob began to learn just how amazing these animals are.

However, after moving to an area less populated with black bears, Bob discovered that bear awareness advocates were few and far between. He immediately decided to make it his mission to change that. Passionate about the environment and the preservation of bear populations, Bob figured out how to teach those around him about bears and bear advocacy - through a children’s book. After 20 years of brainstorming and thoughtful consideration, Bob decided to pursue his goal of getting that book out into the world.

Where Do We Go Book Cover

Bob’s first published work, Where Do We Go?, is a nonfiction children’s picture book all about why bears and people are more similar than we might think. Throughout the book, Bob describes why bears are such phenomenal animals and explains how we can fight to protect bears across Canada. With this book, Bob hopes to teach both children and adults something new about Canada’s black bear population and inspire them to do their part in spreading bear awareness.

Now, Bob can both achieve his dreams of raising awareness for Canada’s black bears while empowering the children around him. His granddaughter hopes to one day write books just like his:

“I want to be an author, Papa!”
- Bob's Granddaughter 

Throughout the publication process, Bob discovered the incredible power of encouragement and likemindedness as he participated in the Publishing Mastermind. Though some days Bob questioned his ability to write and publish an informative children’s book, it was the support of the Mastermind that kept him going:

“The program is awesome. I’ve learned so much.”

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During the Publishing Mastermind, Bob learned not only how to publish his very own children’s book, but also realized how grateful he was to have aspiring authors from around the world join him on his journey to becoming a published author.

“Join Miriam Laundry’s Publishing Mastermind… your efforts will be rewarded.”

Bob is excited to see how this book will impact the younger generation by instilling in them a passion for environmental stewardship. He also looks forward to cheering on his granddaughter when she pursues her dream of becoming a published author just like he did.

To connect with Bob De Wolfe and learn more about his book, Where Do We Go?, you can visit his Facebook Page.

Robert D. De Wolfe

Author Robert D. De Wolfe was born in 1947 in Saint John N.B and moved to Petawawa, Ont. He was married in1968 for 40 years until cancer took his wife away. He then retired to St. Catharines in 2011. He’s a Rotary member, City volunteer at the Museum, and part of various Heritage committees. Robert started thinking about writing many years ago and in 2020 he finally took the time and joined Miriam Laundry’s Publishing Mastermind to publish his first children’s book.

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