I help aspiring children's book authors fulfill their dream of becoming published authors.

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Miriam Laundry is a bestselling author and educational speaker who empowers children, teens, and adults to believe in themselves. Find out more about Miriam’s books here.

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Miriam's experience provides guidance to aspiring authors looking to publish their own children’s books. With the support of the MLP Team, Miriam helps these authors turn their dream of becoming a published author into a reality. Here are the empowering titles that have been published.

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Want to publish your own children’s book? Miriam would love to help. As a trained success coach who specializes in helping aspiring authors realize their dreams, Miriam is the perfect mentor for you.

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About Miriam

Miriam Laundry is a best-selling author and educational speaker whose message empowers children, teens, and adults to believe in themselves. Her first children’s book, I CAN Believe in Myself, set a Guinness World Record™ in 2014 and has garnered many awards. 

Miriam also finds joy in helping other authors bring their empowering messages to children, multiplying the positive impact by working together. “I have had many coaches and teachers that helped me along my journey to success. I would love to be that person for YOU!”  More about Miriam...

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Teresa Huggins

" When you are near Miriam, your self-limiting beliefs melt away and her creative ideas support you as you achieve your dreams."

Forrest Willett

Best-Selling Author,
Baseballs Don't Bounce

" I would highly recommend Miriam as someone to have on your side coaching you through your special project – even coaching you through life."