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Malini Anurajah Welti is a wife, mother, and author from Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. Malini has always loved reading but felt a strong call to write her own story during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic challenged Malini to refocus and reflect on her life, she soon realized that it was her responsibility to share her message with the world. 

Now a published author, Malini and I sat down to discuss her brand new children’s book We Are One: 

Miriam Laundry: When did you start this book, Malini?

Malini Anurajah Welti: When I first started the program with you, Miriam, the initial book I wanted to publish was called A Magical Fickle Clock of Adventure. I initially started writing that book in 2017. The book was based on history and science facts that I had made into a story. It was inspired by what my daughter was learning in school in Qatar at that time. I found by telling her stories she remembered them better. I first started We Are One around May/June 2020.

ML: Where did the inspiration for We Are One come from?

MAW: The inspiration was from looking within, meditation, and surrender. The pandemic was challenging for many people. I was in the process of publishing AMFCA with Miriam when I was inspired by the grace of meditation. There was (and remains) a disturbing imbalance in our planet.

We Are One is a reflection of the way we related to each other, animals, Mother Earth, nature … We were being separated into so many directions when we should have truly just stood as one, not finger pointing or exhausting each other. 

ML: It’s so important to stick together, especially in difficult times. Why was it important for you to share the message in We Are One specifically?

MAW: As I previously mentioned, this book was inspired through meditation, almost like a download of one’s higher self. It was my blessing to have been able to write it. That said, the message was key especially at this time. I do hope parents & grandparents pick up the book and read it with their kids/grandkids. 

ML: I think it’s so important to consider the act of writing a blessing, like you said. Writing is powerful and being able to share our words with the world is certainly a blessing. Of course, authors may also face challenges as they write. What was your biggest challenge when writing this book?

MAW: This book came very naturally, as said, the whole process was a blessing. Even finding the right illustrator (Shany) was such perfect universal alignment. The biggest challenge, which remains, is the marketing of the book. I am not an active social media user and to get the message of this book out there has been a challenge. So, this is a shout out — click it, buy it and above all enjoy and reflect on it.

We Are One Book Cover

ML: To help you navigate the challenges of writing and publishing, you signed up for my Publishing Mastermind program. What made you decide to join?

MAW: Our “virtual” coffee chat sealed it for me — I was going to be given a tailored approach to achieve a dream goal. Of course I was going to do it!

ML: Being able to meet 1-on-1 before you joined the program was lovely. I was so excited for you to join and I’m so glad you did. What was your favourite part of the Publishing Mastermind?

MAW: Your accessibility, the Publishing Mastermind Group, and their camaraderie and support was the biggest value I gained. And knowledge on how to write and publish my book. I did not feel alone or lost in the journey — I always had the support. 

ML: It’s incredible what can happen when like-minded writers come together to pursue a shared goal. Now that you’re a published author, what do you hope parents and children take away from this book?

MAW: A powerful question. We Are One covers Humanity, Equality, Climate Change, Animal Rights, Trust, Hope & Inspiration. It acknowledges the current imbalance in our planet and in our lives. What I hope parents and kids take away is the reflection and decision to choose to be better for each other and ourselves. We must no longer live in ignorance, but from the heart. We are not separate, we are one. 

ML: Lastly, do you have any advice for the aspiring authors thinking of publishing their own children’s books?

MAW: Put aside your fears, your what-ifs, that negative voice in your head that says your book isn’t good enough and bring your dreams into reality. Share your draft – get inputs and trudge on the path of making your dreams an absolute miraculous reality!

ML: Thank you, Malini, and congratulations on publishing your first children’s book!

Watch the Full Interview:

WE ARE ONE is now available internationally as an eBook on Amazon and in Malaysia as a hardcover on

To connect with Malini and learn more about how you can make a difference in this world, visit Malini on Instagram (@m.a.welti) or on her website

Malini Anurajah Welti

Malini Anurajah Welti’s story is familiar to many – wife, mother to two amazing children, daughter, aunt, friend. Malini was born and raised in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia.

WE ARE ONE is Malini’s first foray into the world of storytelling and imagination beyond boundaries. Malini has spent two decades in the field of Cybersecurity and is very passionate about education and awareness.

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