Spotlight: Bible Fun Colouring Book: The Book of Matthew for Kids 

Kit Yeung is the debut children’s author of Bible Fun Colouring Book: The Book of Matthew for Kids. She is passionate about encouraging children to make faith a part of their daily lives, especially in fun ways. To celebrate the release of her book, we sat down to chat.

MIRIAM LAUNDRY: Hi Kit! Congratulations on your first children’s book. Can you tell us who it’s for and how you started working on it?

KIT YEUNG: Bible Fun Colouring Book is for children ages four to ten years old. The inspiration for this book came from a desire to help children have a habit of reading God’s Word to experience God’s love through Christ Jesus. 

ML: And why was this message important for you to share?

KY: I believe that God created humankind and God loves us but God is holy and sin separates humankind from His love and protection. I believe that God’s word in the Bible is the open loving invitation from Heaven to know God’s love through Jesus’ Good News message and the miracles of God’s Word of Life incarnated as one of us, as Jesus by the Holy Spirit unconditionally died and miraculously resurrected on the third day to save anyone from certain death.

ML: What was the most difficult part of writing this book?

KY: Picking child-friendly Bible verses and paraphrasing them for a child to understand and also preserving the essence of the message at the same time was definitely a challenge for me. 

ML: What was the biggest lesson you learned through it all?

KY: Writing took so much longer than I expected, even with so much help and lots of ideas. By God’s grace, this book is written and illustrated just in time.

Bible Fun Colouring Book by Kit Yeung

ML: Did you have any memorable moments as you worked on this project?

KY: During my publishing journey, my husband was very ill. And I declared and trusted God’s Word in Jesus’ name and God saved my husband’s life. And God gave me grace to complete this book for publishing. His word has power just like the Roman Centurion story in the Book of Matthew. 

ML: That is an incredible story. I’m sure readers will encounter their own faith experiences while colouring in your book. What do you hope parents and children take away from the verses you’ve selected?

KY: I hope the book would help parents encourage their kids to establish a habit of learning God’s wonderful promises with fun from His Word and experience God’s love and comfort on earth as it is in Heaven.

ML: And if you could share one piece of advice with an aspiring author, what would it be?

KY: Persevere to write what you want; to publish from the heart out.

ML: Thank you, Kit, and congratulations again on your first children’s book!

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You can learn more about Kit and her Bible Fun Colouring Book on Amazon. Pick up your Paperback copy of Bible Fun Colouring Book: The Book of Matthew for Kids on,, or your local Amazon Marketplace.

Kit Yeung

Kit is a mother and a believer who always wanted to create a book to help make reading the Bible a part of children’s daily routine — a routine that will grow their relationship with God. 

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