Spotlight: Lucky’s Hidden Talent 

When Janet Francis retired from her 35-year teaching career, she felt underwhelmed. Though her experience as a school teacher had ended, she knew that she had more to give. She had so many more important lessons to offer the children around her. So, she started writing.

Originally, Janet planned on writing a 4,000-word story about pursuing your passion. But she quickly realized that maybe the story she was writing was better suited for a much smaller word count. Maybe, she needed to write a children’s picture book.

In 2020, Janet registered in the Publishing Mastermind after we crossed paths in the Passion program. It was then that she started writing her first published book, Lucky’s Hidden Talent.

Lucky's Hidden Talent Book Cover

Inspired by Janet’s many years of teaching in elementary school classrooms, Lucky’s Hidden Talent is all about discovering your passion and pursuing it wholeheartedly, no matter what. This empowering children’s book follows the story of Lucky, a young girl who feels discouraged by her lack of talent. If only she could be as talented as her incredible friends ...

Until one day, Lucky discovers that perhaps her talent was simply hidden all along.

One of the most valuable lessons Janet learned throughout her publishing process was understanding the difference between the various types of publishing — traditional, self, and hybrid publishing — and realizing the pros and cons of each. This knowledge helped her make the best decisions for her children’s book and set her up for author success.

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Janet hopes that Lucky’s Hidden Talent will inspire children everywhere to chase their dreams, pursue their passions, and live their purpose. She also hopes that parents and teachers use this book as a tool to reassure every child and student that they have a unique purpose and are always brilliant, no matter where life takes them.

Janet offers this advice to any aspiring authors who are thinking of writing a children’s book as well:

“If anyone has a story to tell and if a book is the best way to tell that story, then do it. Write the book and tell your story.”

To purchase your copy of Lucky’s Hidden Talent, go to,, or your local Amazon Marketplace.

Janet Francis

Janet Francis is a native of the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. At an early age she learned that education was one’s ticket out of poverty. Her thirty-five year teaching career promoted commitment, hard work and belief in oneself. These qualities empowered the students to change the trajectory of their lives.

Janet’s goal is to publish a series which aims to nurture future generations. Her desired legacy is to encourage kids to develop their self confidence and raise their self esteem as they discover, liberate and demonstrate their hidden talent.

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