Spotlight: Good Boy, Nacho! 

Ever since Kristine N. McQuown was a young girl, she imagined colourful worlds with incredible stories & fun personalities. Years later, she decided it was time to get those stories out of her head and on paper.

The first of these stories is Good Boy, Nacho!, an early readers book about a Chihuahua-Terrier mix and his boy. With rhyming lines and fun illustrations, this book was made to make its readers smile (and discover their love for animals, too!). The story of Nacho teaches children why dogs are mankind’s best friends and how loyalty, love, & friendship will change your life. 
Good Boy Nacho Book Cover

While creating this book, Kristine found writing in rhyme surprisingly difficult, but was able to push through & remain loyal to her original vision with the support of those around her. She learned that one of the most important parts of the publishing process is patience:

“Show yourself grace when you need to and pace yourself. If you truly want your book out in the world, it WILL happen!”

One of Kristine’s favourite moments during the publication of Good Boy, Nacho! was when her daughter shared the story with Kristine’s grandson and a few of his friends. A few pages in, they all joined with a chorus of “Good Boy, Nacho!”. Afterwards, Kristine’s grandson was shocked to find out who the author was:

“Wait, Gram wrote that about Nacho? She’s famous!”

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Kristine was so grateful to have the support of the Publishing Mastermind cheering her on every step of the way. Through the Publishing Mastermind, Kristine has made friendships she’ll cherish forever. 

Knowing that - within a year’s time - she would become a published author gave her the motivation to get the book out there and fulfill her childhood dream.

“To have Miriam and her team each do what they specialize in to get my book to the finish line was a no brainer.”

Kristine hopes her readers will smile, laugh, and adopt their first pet after reading her book - she wants to see everyone around her positively impacted by Nacho’s joyful personality.

You can connect with Kristine (& Nacho) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and at Purchase your copy of Good Boy, Nacho! on or

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Kristine N. McQuown

Kristine lives in the beautiful Lake Michigan Region of northwest Indiana with her husband and of course – her dog, Nacho. She has four grown children and two grandchildren. 

She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and volunteers as a committee member for an organization that advocates for abused and neglected children who are entangled in the court system.

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