Spotlight: The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak 

“I hope children learn how to express their emotions and never give up on their dreams”

Khursheed Sethna has been writing since she was 7-years-old and published her first book, Free Your Spirit, Find Your Voice, in 2018. As Khursheed was writing this adult self-help book, she uncovered the story of Meek Mouse, a small mouse with a big voice.

Once her adult self-help book was published, Khursheed decided to pursue Meek Mouse’s story and turn it into an incredible children’s book: The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak.
The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak Book Cover

After encountering trials of many kinds during her upbringing, Khursheed Sethna worked hard to find her voice and recognize that she CAN speak up for herself. Khursheed has since worked as a voice coach and life coach and counsellor. These experiences led Khursheed to pursue her writing career and publish a children’s book that would teach children aged 5-10 years old that they have a unique & strong voice living inside them, waiting to be set free.

With a new mission in mind, Khursheed sought the help of her artistic niece, who would provide illustrations for the book, and started moving forward in her publishing journey. This journey brought Khursheed to the Publishing Mastermind, where she would join a small group of likeminded authors pursuing the same goal: get their books published.

“I was lucky to be part of Miriam’s Publishing Mastermind… We grew as a family with Miriam’s guidance”

Khursheed found this community especially valuable as they encouraged her to overcome the hurdles she found along the way. One of the biggest challenges Khursheed faced on her publishing journey was editing:

“I remember not being able to write for almost two weeks and doing an inner conflict journey."

Luckily, Khursheed powered through and edited her way to a phenomenal children’s book.

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To help other authors aiming to publish their own children’s book, Khursheed offers this advice:

“If you are an aspiring children’s author, I would say don’t do it alone the first time…having a team like Miriam’s is invaluable. I would also say to the aspiring author, be in love with the characters in your book, because you will spend a lot of time with them.”

Khursheed hopes The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak will equip educators and therapists with the tools they need to get in touch with their inner children. She also hopes her young readers will learn to express their emotions and never give up on their dreams.

To keep up with Khursheed and The Mouse Who Lost Her Squeak, find her on Instagram at @freeyourvoicekids and @insideoutvoice. You can also learn more about Khursheed and her work at

Khursheed Sethna

Khursheed Sethna is all about the Voice from the inside out. She truly believes that our outer voice and expression is a reflection of our inner strength.

Khursheed is a published author of Free Your Spirit, Find Your Voice and co-author of two other books on psychological aspects of stuttering and relationships. She has a BSc in Speech Therapy and a Masters in Human Communication from the UK. She has always wanted to help people free their voice and find their full potential. She has a California approved PhD in Clinical Psychology focusing on holistic healing modalities. She is also a Canfield Certified Human Potential Success Coach.

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