Spotlight: Belly Button Tales 

Eva McNamee is a brand-new children’s author celebrating the release of her debut picture book, Belly Button Tales, a story about two girls who embark on an educational, yet dangerous, journey. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Eva to discuss the publishing process and her thoughts.

MIRIAM LAUNDRY: Hi Eva! Congratulations on your first picture book, Belly Button Tales. Can you tell us who this book is for and when you started writing it?

EVA MCNAMEE: Belly Button Tales is for children aged four to eight years old. I started writing it 20+ years ago when my daughters were born.

ML: What inspired you to become an author?

EM: My family and friends. They have always encouraged me to publish my stories and poems. 

ML: You mentioned that you started writing this book around the time your daughters were born. Did they play a part in inspiring you to write this story?

EM: Yes. After bath time, trying to keep them still while putting lotion and their pyjamas on, I would tell them adventures of them falling into their belly buttons and travelling through their bodies. They learned a lot about their bodies during this time, plus I was able to get them ready for bed.

ML: And why was it important to share this message?

EM: I believe the more we know about our body, the better we can take care of it. Our bodies are beautiful inside and out, but not many children know how their bodies work.

ML: Did you learn anything yourself as you published this book?

EM: I learned you can’t just write for yourself. You must think about what it says to your readers. You might think it’s exciting, but it might be scary to kids. Plus, you must think like the age group you’re writing for. 

ML: You learned these skills in Publishing Mastermind, right? Why did you decide to join that program?

EM: I knew if I didn’t join Publishing Mastermind I would never accomplish this dream of publishing my stories. I have so many stories in my head, I can’t wait to publish more. 

Belly Button Tales By Eva McNamee Book Cover

ML: What was your favourite part of the program?

EM: Fulfilling my lifelong dream of publishing a book, especially a story that is a treasured part of my family's memories. You and the team took me by the hand and walked me step-by-step through the publishing process. I am so grateful to God for putting you into my path and life.

ML: That is very kind, Eva. Thank you. If you could share one piece of advice with an aspiring author, what would it be?

EM: Write it and share. Don’t second guess whether you should publish or not. Sometimes we don’t get second chances. If it’s in your heart, write it and publish it.

ML: Lastly, what do you hope parents and children take away from this book?

EM: As a homeschool parent, I learned that education is 24 hours a day, and no matter what you’re doing, it can be a learning experience. My hope is that when a parent is relaxing and reading Belly Button Tales to their children, they will all be amazed and learn how beautiful their bodies are and that learning is fun.

ML: Thank you, Eva, and congratulations once again.

To learn more about Eva and Belly Button Tales, visit her Facebook Page (Eva McNamee Author) and Instagram (@evamcnameeauthor).

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Eva McNamee

Eva McNamee has loved reading and writing since she was a child herself. Eva loves art, animals, gardening and poetry. She also loves spending time with her two daughters and husband. Eva and her husband now travel in their motorhome to many places. You can learn more about her adventures at

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