Spotlight: The Adventures of Rocky Don’t Be Bullied Rocky! 

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Deirdre Palm Adams

Deirdre Palm Adams was born and raised in New Jersey and remains a Jersey Shore Girl at heart, with fond memories of summers on the beach in Ocean City. Today she enjoys the beach life with her husband, Joe, along with her loving extended family including her parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. 

Rocky the Poodle is a real dog. Deirdre was inspired to write Don’t Be Bullied Rocky while walking Rocky on the beach, watching the early morning sunrise. Rocky has reinforced Deirdre’s belief that people can learn a lot from their dogs; after all, they are our best friends, and it feels good to celebrate them for all the joy and love they give us! 

Don’t Be Bullied Rocky is the third story in The Adventures of Rocky series, following Don’t Be Afraid Rocky and Don’t Worry Rocky. 

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