Spotlight: Tolita: The Best Bad Dog 

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Lauren Gillman & Camila Gadotti

Lauren Gillman and Camila Gadotti are scientists, business women, mothers, and have been together since 2010. They met each other in college, even though they grew up thousands of miles apart; Camila in Brazil and Lauren in Wisconsin. 

They decided to adopt a dog from a local shelter, and this is how Tolita, a crazy Jack Russell Terrier mix, came into their lives. Tolita was a stray who was rescued and rejected by three different families, but Lauren and Camila fell in love with her spunkiness and gave her a home. Eventually their daughter, Sofia, was born and Tolita became a big sister. 

The family of four lives in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and this is their first book. To learn more about the real-life Tolita and her family, visit

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