Spotlight: Jake Knight 

 October 29, 2020

After months of hard work and dedication in the Publishing Mastermind, Mary Lou DeRidder is getting ready to release her debut children’s book, Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum.

Jake Knight and The Tale of Vindicatum is a book for kids aged 10-14 years old and follows the story of Jake Knight, a boy who discovers a magical library that brings him on a series of adventures across time and space.

Mary Lou has always wanted to be an author and had the concept for Jake Knight in her mind for over two years! I’m so glad she signed up for the Publishing Mastermind and accomplished her goal of publishing Jake Knight.

"The story was inside me and insisted on getting out." - Mary Lou DeRidder

Mary Lou found the hardest part of writing her book was catering it for her target audience, but she’s so glad she had the opportunity to journey alongside other upcoming authors as they supported and encouraged each other.
Once Jake Knight is released in November 2020, Mary Lou will share her book with a grade three teacher who helped her relate to her young readers. If you’d like to connect with Mary Lou and keep up with Jake Knight’s adventures -- and all the other adventures Mary Lou writes about! --  you can visit her website or her Facebook page.

P.S. On November 2, 2020, I'll tell you how to make your idea become a published book and how your book can have a positive impact on a child's life. To sign up for this free online training, click the link below. I am excited to see you there!

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