Spotlight: Grateful Being Me 

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Deena Kong

Deena Kong was raised in Montreal, Canada and the Washington DC metropolitan area, where she now lives with her beloved family. She has over 20 years of government contracting experience specializing in Ethics & Compliance, leading Business Misconduct Investigations and Targeted Risk Training. 

The transition from Canada to America as a young Asian girl, coupled with English not being her first language, inspired Deena to tell this story in her debut picture book, “Grateful Being Me.” Deena aims to encourage self-acceptance, diversity, and inclusion in children by empowering them to share and relate to others.

She is an avid reader and book lover (thankful to her parents for making her enroll in speed reading class in high school) and supporter of mindfulness and manifestation techniques. Deena enjoys traveling around the globe with family and friends to experience new sites, great food, and different cultures.

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