Spotlight: Two Wins for Wiley 

It was such an honour to publish Karen Patricia Nespoli’s first children’s book, so I am even more honoured to publish her second children’s book, Two Wins for Wiley co-authored with her daughter, Caitlin Bree Kennedy. To celebrate the new book, we sat down to chat about the process.

MIRIAM LAUNDRY: Karen, welcome back! It feels like just yesterday we were here launching your first book, Gertie Saves the Day. And Caitlin, it’s lovely to meet you. Can you tell us a bit about your second release and who this book is for?

KAREN PATRICIA NESPOLI:  We think the age group 6-10 would be appropriate, but an adult could read this book to younger children who have an interest in baseball or want to help a child understand why they receive acupuncture. 

We started writing this book about five years ago. Caitlin was beginning her acupuncture practice and in her waiting room there were some puzzles and toys for children. We wanted to add some books for children about wellness and acupuncture. We found two books at the time. We bought those books and started to put our ideas together. 

ML: Why was a book about acupuncture for children important to you both?

CAITLIN BREE KENNEDY: Adults as well as children have a fear of needles. We are trying to help children and adults understand that acupuncture does not hurt, it heals. 

ML: Karen, how was publishing this children’s book different from the first time?

KPN: Publishing this book was easier because of the great foundation I had from the Publishing Mastermind. We were very appreciative of the portal updates. All of the information is very current with what is happening in the field. There are numerous resources that make your life as an author easier. 

ML: And what made you decide to join Publishing Mastermind for your second book as well?

KPN: We joined the Publishing Mastermind Pro based on my experience with Gertie Saves the Day. The knowledge that is shared and the expertise of your team cannot be compared to other programs. 

The favourite part for me was the monthly meetings both with my coach and with my cohort. My coach was always prepared, encouraging and knowledgeable about the publishing process and always offered great advice. The cohort meetings were an opportunity for us to share and support each other…

… You never feel like you are alone, there is always someone there to answer your questions, provide feedback, provide encouragement, guidance and support. 

ML: I’m so glad Publishing Mastermind Pro could provide that support. I’ll be honest, I was pretty excited when I saw your name on the enrolment list. Do you have any fun stories or memorable moments to share from your experience of being a children’s book author?

KPN: A memorable moment would be during an author visit. One of the students commented that he liked how the author read her own words with expression in all the right spots!

ML: That would have been so great to hear. Aside from fantastic read-alongs, what do you hope parents and children take away from this book?

CBK: We hope they enjoy the story and learn about acupuncture as an alternative way to heal the body. We hope that this will help parents and teachers to discuss fear. Fear can hold us back or make us stronger. 

ML: Very true! Lastly, can you offer a piece of advice to any aspiring authors out there?

KPN:  If you want to be an author you need to keep writing. Children’s book authors need to read lots of children’s picture books and write several stories. Reading and writing are essential to being an author. 

ML: Well said! Congratulations Karen and Caitlin on another incredible book. Two Wins for Wiley will certainly help readers overcome their fear of needles and show parents that acupuncture could be a great option for their children.

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Karen Patricia Nespoli

Karen Patricia Nespoli, Ed. D is an award winning children's book author. After spending 40+ years in education as a former elementary school teacher, literacy educator and literacy professor she turned to her first passion - writing children's books.

Karen has guided children to write and illustrate stories. Now, through her books and website, she hopes to inspire, challenge and encourage children to grow as writers. 

Caitlin Bree Kennedy

Caitlin Kennedy was one of the first graduates to obtain a Doctoral degree in Acupuncture, she is nationally certified by the NCCAOM and was trained in Chinese Medicine at the nationally recognized Pacific College of Health and Sciences.

Since graduating, she has continued her education by studying paediatrics and women’s health. She owns a practice in Long Island, NY, where she enjoys helping women with fertility issues and their children. Caitlin has a passion for helping people and integrating her knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine to help people feel their best.

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