Spotlight: Music Is All Around Me 

Music is part of our everyday lives. We hear it on TV, in the grocery store and anywhere else we might end up. Heather Jack, a children’s author in Publishing Mastermind, recognizes the importance of the music around us and wrote her first book all about it. To celebrate the book’s release, we sat down to chat about her publishing process.

MIRIAM LAUNDRY: Congratulations on your first children’s book, Music Is All Around Me. Can you tell us a little bit about who the book is for and where the inspiration for this story came from?

HEATHER JACK: Music Is All Around Me is for children aged 4-9 years old. As a little girl, I loved music, but I didn’t really like piano lessons! I think many children can relate. I have also wanted to be a children’s book author since I started teaching over 30 years ago. Other children’s book authors inspire me so much. The right book in the right child’s hands can make a huge difference!

ML: You said you’ve wanted to be an author for over 30 years. When did you start this particular book?

HJ: I first wrote a picture book story about music 15 years ago, but this particular draft was written over the last 12 months or so.

ML: And why was it important for you to share this message?

HJ: I want to encourage children to persevere and to find their own joy in music!

ML: Did you face any challenges as you wrote and published the book?

HJ: For me, the biggest challenge was to fix my edits. I find it easier to write the first draft, and more difficult to revise and edit my manuscript. 

ML: To help you navigate that challenge, you had the help of your Publishing Mastermind community. Why did you join Publishing Mastermind and what was the biggest value you noticed in the program?

HJ: I joined because I had a dream of publishing a book and I certainly needed help to get there! I loved meeting with my writing mentor and fellow aspiring authors! The biggest value to me was definitely having the team working for and with me to reach my goals and stay on track.

ML: Yes, I love how mastermind programs focus on accountability. They’re so great for keeping us on track with our goals. What was the biggest lesson you learned through it all?

HJ: That it takes a team! I really relied on my mentors, the editor, book designer and everyone else who had important jobs to help get me launched.

Music Is All Around Me by Heather Jack Book Cover

ML: Did you make any fun memories as you worked with your team?

HJ: My best memories come from working with my mother, the illustrator, and bringing the story and paintings to life!

ML: She did a wonderful job on the illustrations. Besides looking at the beautiful art in the book, what do you hope parents and children take away from the story?

HJ: That music is everywhere — in nature, inside ourselves and of course in the traditional sense through song, dance and instruments.

ML: Before we sign off, do you have any advice to share with the aspiring authors who may be tuning in?

HJ:  Keep going! Read quality children’s books and keep writing!

ML: Well said, Heather. Congratulations again on publishing your first children’s book, Music Is All Around Me.

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Heather Jack

Heather Jack is a wife and mother of two lovely daughters. Heather teaches music and drama to elementary students. She enjoys many genres of music and loves to practice the piano.

Heather is most inspired to write while spending time at her cottage in Northern Ontario. Her dog, Lulu, completes the family and makes everyone laugh!

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