Spotlight: Batter Up Billy 

Brian Williams has always had a passion for baking, but even greater is his passion for inspiring children. Five years ago, during a volunteer baking presentation that he was offering at a local school, Brian realized he could make an even bigger difference in children’s lives by publishing his own children’s book. Then, when Brian encountered ML Publishing, his author journey took off:

“From there, it was full steam ahead!”

However, throughout the writing process, Brian struggled to believe in his authority as an author. He often found himself riddled with thoughts such as, “I can’t do this” and “I’m not an author”. It wasn’t until his manuscript had gone through two full editing phases that he found the truth finally settle in.

“It was the first time I was able to look in the mirror and say ‘You ARE an author!’ [A] happy dance followed!”

During his author journey, Brian learned the importance of mentorship and community. According to Brian, “Having a support team and mentor is the only way to go.” This made the Publishing Mastermind the perfect program for his book. He found financial value in the program as it saved him countless hours of research time and effort. He also benefited from the accountability and community provided through the program:

“I can say 100%, that I would not be a published author today if I didn’t have the support from Miriam and my group.”

After months of hard work and dedication, Brian saw his efforts come to life in the form of his first children’s book, Batter Up Billy

Brian wrote Batter Up Billy to show children that they CAN be what they want to be. He wants every child to know that they CAN dream big and they CAN achieve those dreams.

Batter Up Billy has since been awarded the Reader's Favorite 5-Star ranking.

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Brian hopes this book sparks conversations between parents and children, allowing a safe space for children to share their goals. All proceeds from the book will go towards charities focused on helping children achieve their dreams.

And to any aspiring authors out there, Brian offers this advice:

“Don’t give up. Stick with it and surround yourself with support from others who are on the same journey.”

To keep up with Brian and his mission, you can visit him on Instagram (@bakerbrianwilliams) or on his website at, and be sure to pick up your copy of Batter Up Billy while you're there.

Brian Williams

Brian Williams is a businessman and baker from Fresno, CA. He graduated from Fresno State University where he was inspired to pursue a career in real estate. Much like Baker Beau, Brian enjoys volunteering his time to visit schools and teach children how to bake like a pro. This experience led him to turn his love of baking into a relatable and empowering children’s book. Batter Up Billy is Brian’s first published book.  

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