Spotlight: Lucky Puppy Finds Two Families 

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Vida Gecas

Vida Gecas is a native Buckeye, born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and a current resident of western Florida. Vida is a former U.S. Army Officer and a retired U.S. Diplomat/Supervisory Special Agent (DSS), U.S. Department of State.

With over 32 years of serving her country, Vida’s career included serving in the Regional Security Offices in numerous countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Lucky found Vida during her tour in Conakry, Guinea. Vida was new at post, and Lucky helped Vida adjust to her new life. Lucky was Vida’s friend and companion through changing and difficult times.

Even though Vida is officially retired, she still works part-time in DSS. Throughout her career, Vida always loved writing and working with children. She volunteered in her Embassy community, serving as a Girl Scout Troop Leader overseas at several of her Embassies. She was also a church youth volunteer and educator during her tours in the United States.

Vida’s work is inspired by her true-life rescue dog, Lucky! Lucky traveled the world with Vida, making friends, exploring different countries, and providing support and happy memories to the Embassy communities he lived in.

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