Spotlight: Saying Hello 

Everyone says “hello!” It’s a part of every culture, and Cindy Crosby, an astounding author in my Publishing Mastermind, wrote a great children’s book all about it.

Saying Hello Book Cover

Saying Hello is a book written for children aged 3-8 years and will help them learn more about cultures and languages across the globe.

Cindy began writing this book 6 years ago. Her background of teaching and experiences living abroad helped her shape this book. One day, in particular, really motivated Cindy to bring this book to life:

"One day, I crossed paths with a woman at my local botanical garden.  She was clearly from a different country and I hoped to connect with her. We passed each other several times and I could never catch her eye to say hello."

After seeing this woman multiple times, Cindy decided to say hello. At first, the woman was shy, but once they got talking, Cindy discovered how kind her new friend was and realized what a big opportunity she would have missed if she decided not to say hello.

"I know how much it means to people to be seen. If we can teach our kids to see others, I'm sure we are making the world a better place."

Cindy’s favourite part of the publishing process was getting feedback from children who love the book and getting to hear their questions as they learned from it.
Saying Hello is available now (and her five-year-old son is very happy about it!). You can keep up with Cindy and say hello on her social media pages.

Cindy Crosby

Cindy Crosby is from Chico, CA and earned degrees in Humanities (BA) and Teaching English as a Second Language (MA). She loves to travel and has lived in both Okinawa, Japan and Vienna, Austria, as well as several different cities in the US.

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