Spotlight: Seasons Playtime with Joe and Jack 

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Pia Ryan

Pia lives in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with my husband and our twin boys. Having two kids at once, was and is still a test of strength on how to navigate parenthood. After multiple diaper explosions accidents, hungry demanding toddlers, interpreting toddler speak, and just plain old exhaustion - a mother’s at her wits end. I took matters into my own hands and made sure I always had a plan in place to keep them entertained. I had to be creative and frequently had to find ways to keep them busy and engaged. All the trips, adventures, and experiences has inspired me to start writing to document their reactions and share them.

Through my writing I hope to encourage children to enjoy reading, to see the fun in the twins’ upcoming adventures; so they can get to see and feel diversity through my books. 

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