Spotlight: Goodnight Leena…Sleep Tight 

After enduring years of hardships, Baldev Grewal was inspired to write a children’s book series about health and well-being. She wanted to show her readers that overcoming life’s hurdles IS possible, especially when making healthy lifestyle choices. She also knew she wanted to include her daughter in this journey and emphasize the importance of parent-child relationships.

Authors Baldev & Harlene Grewal began writing the first installment of their children’s book series in 2019, after Harlene spent her time working for a nearby Sleep Lab. They found themselves frequently discussing the incredible role sleep plays in a person’s life and decided their discussion was meant for the world.

So, they came up with Goodnight Leena…Sleep Tight, a picture book all about one girl’s journey to understanding the importance of healthy sleep habits.

Good Night Leena, Sleep Tight Book Cover

While writing their book, Baldev & Harlene found difficulty in balancing their work lives and author lives:

“If you want to write, you have to take advantage of any opportunity you have to sit down and write.”
- Baldev Grewal

But they also found joy along the way after receiving positive feedback from Jack Canfield and the support of the authors around them. The publishing journey not only made Baldev & Harlene closer, but it also introduced them to a whole community of authors, all aiming to publish their books too.

Baldev & Harlene originally joined the Publishing Mastermind to take them through the process of publishing a children’s book - they were pleasantly surprised when they found an encouraging support system within it.

“Before anything else, we needed someone to believe in what we were trying to create, and Miriam did that for us!”
- Baldev Grewal

Now, Baldev & Harlene are proud to call themselves published authors seeking to help children everywhere discover the incredible significance of their health, well-being, and of course, sleep.

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They hope Goodnight Leena…Sleep Tight sparks conversations about well-being in schools and households everywhere & inspires the young generation to apply healthy lifestyle choices in their own lives as well.

To keep up with Baldev, Harlene, and the Be Well Children’s Book Series, visit them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you can purchase your copy of Goodnight Leena...Sleep Tight on or Amazon.

Baldev Grewal

Baldev is a mother, mentor, entrepreneur and author. She had the desire to write since she was in high school, but life circumstances took her in another direction. Since 2006 she has been running her own tax franchise as well as helping her husband in their real estate/property management business. Currently, she is transitioning into a writing and speaking career to educate, inspire and empower children, teenagers, and mothers.

Harlene Grewal

Harlene is an experienced neuroscience professional, previously employed by the Human Sleep Science Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley. Harlene collaborated with her mother on writing Goodnight Leena...Sleep Tight bringing her own personal experience and her knowledge in the field of neuroscience. Harlene is passionate about the workings of the human brain, and the interconnectedness with the human mind and body. This passion is the drive behind her storytelling to create children’s books,

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