4 Fun Ideas for Kids at Home 

Parks are closed. Sports are delayed. School is cancelled (sort-of). We're several weeks into this self-isolation and having the kids at home means getting creative. 

If you're anything like me, you have moments where you're left grasping for inspiration for fun ideas to keep your kids happy and healthy. 

I know that they're struggling with the major change in routine (just like us adults), and while the situation is difficult, I still want to use the time to connect with them. I've kept my eye open for some fun ideas and creative ways to approach this time in isolation together. 

Now, these ideas are a mixed bag. I was looking for things that were fun, educational, creative, active, and/or offered a way for me to connect with them. Each of these fun ideas touches on at least one of those themes, so take a peek and pick the one that speaks to you. 

1. Art for Kids YouTube Channel (ages 4+)
How to draw videos. This guy makes it so easy to draw a particular item, and you can see exactly how to do it. I was really impressed with how the instructions are geared specifically for kids and are very clear, and easy to follow! I think if followed along, I could actually draw something decent, too! (haha)

2. DIY Donut Kit  from Tim Hortons  (all ages)
This one is possibly local to the Niagara Region only, BUT there are lots of small businesses who are offering “make-your-own” or DIY kits for a bunch of different tasty treats. For example, pre-easter, I couldn't count the number of cookie decorating kits being made available for pick up. If your local donut shop doesn’t offer this, chances are there will be something else available. 

3. Virtual Circle Time (toddlers/preschoolers/jk)
The St. Catharines Library has gone online with some virtual events on their facebook page. They have weekly circle time with Karissa, plus drawing tutorials (older kids), and even local history quizzes (more geared for adults or niagara history nuts. 

4. Sports Training (all ages)
Kids that are normally heavily involved in sports can be feeling the pain of isolation, especially now. To help alleviate this, I found some one-on-one online training for Lucas. Now, there are alternatives to paying for this kind of thing. If you are adept yourself, this is a perfect opportunity to spend time coaching them yourself. If not, there are lots of coaches out there that are making their services available (some for free) via Zoom. Check with your child's coach and see what they offer, or if they can point you in the right direction. If not, look for a high-quality YouTube channel that has what you are looking for. (Want to connect with me on Instagram? I share stuff like this on my story all the time. My handle is @MiriamLaundryPublishing) 

Are you searching for something to do for yourself while at home?

Attend a LIVE Facebook Concert (adults or supervised)
The FirstOntario Performing Arts Facebook Page has been holding weekly online live concerts that you can attend. All you have to do is click on a link from their Event page and you will be able to watch and listen to some live music from the comfort of your own home. This Thursday, April 23rd, you can hear the music from Gordon Cleland, Niagara's Master Cellist LIVE. 

Get Your Children's Book Published (adults)
My Publishing Mastermind periodically opens for manuscript submissions. This program is designed to give you access to my expertise in self-publishing, and get your book published within 12 months time. 

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