5 Publishing Myths that are Holding You Back 

 September 23, 2021

So many authors who come through my programs start out believing these 5 Publishing Myths. These myths are dangerous because they hold authors back from furthering their author careers.

When more and more of these authors started bringing these myths to my attention, I could only wonder how many authors out there believe the same things. That’s when I knew that this information HAD to be accessible to everyone, whether they are CBM students or not.

Which is why I’m writing this for you. You need to know the truth about children’s book publishing.

Here are the 5 Publishing Myths That Are Holding You Back:

MYTH #1: You can’t find success as a self-published author. This myth is only that — a myth. It is absolutely possible to find success as a self-published author. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to find insurmountable success as a self-published author.

When I first published I CAN Believe in Myself in 2013, I had no idea my book would reach the heights of success. But, with a lot of hard work and a dedication to impacting the children around me, I was able to achieve bestselling status, win awards, and earn a Guinness World Record.

And I’m not the only self-published author who has found success. My friend, Maria Dismondy, also found exceptional success with her self-published books. Her passion for impacting children led her to eventually sell over 1 million copies of her children’s books.

If you are willing to put in the effort, you absolutely CAN find success as a self-published author.

MYTH #2: You can’t illustrate your own children’s book. This is another myth many talented writers believe. I want to let you know that, if art is your talent, you CAN illustrate your own children’s book. You are not required to outsource to another artist.

Some well-known authors who have both written and illustrated their own children’s books include Mélanie Watt, Sandra Boynton, and P.D. Eastman.

If you are gifted in both writing and illustrating, you CAN do both (and save yourself some cash when all is said and done).

Interested in Writing a Children's Book?

MYTH #3: You need professional creative writing training to become an author. This is completely false. So many of the amazing authors that publish through my Publishing Mastermind have no training whatsoever. When I first started my author career, I had no professional training either.

Though you will need an editor down the road, don’t let this myth hold you back from chasing your dreams. Whether you’ve had formal training in creative writing or not, you CAN publish an incredible children’s book.

MYTH #4: Traditional & Self-Publishing are your only options. The publishing industry is changing drastically, which means that you are no longer limited to traditional and self- publishing. There is a third option available called Hybrid Publishing.

Though every hybrid publishing company conducts their business differently, here at ML Publishing, we have a program called the Publishing Mastermind, which is a year-long mentorship where we teach you everything you need to know about how to publish your children’s book, provide services such as editing & book design, and connect with you personally to ensure that your book is 100% yours (you even keep ALL of the rights and profits from your book).

And, to top it all off, we connect you with like-minded authors, providing you with the perfect network to start your author career strong. If you would like to learn more about the Publishing Mastermind and join the program waitlist, click HERE.

MYTH #5: There are enough children’s books out there. They don’t need yours! I’ll be honest, this myth frustrates me a lot. This idea that your story is unnecessary and just like all the other children’s books out there is simply untrue. Children need your story (and they need it from YOU).

Many first-time authors believe that, since there are already so many children’s books in the world, theirs will be just another book in the crowd. But here’s the thing: no one can tell your story quite like you can.

Sharon Jennings, the incredible children’s book author who edits all the manuscripts for our Publishing Masterminders, often refers to this quote:

You might believe that your book is nothing special, but you never know… Your book might be just what a child needs. The way I look at it, even if only one child’s life is changed by your story, it’s all worth it.

Once you overcome these myths and learn to believe in yourself, you’ll realize that anything is possible, as long as you keep trying. Yes, you CAN become a successful children’s book author.

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