Accountability Partners

An accountability partner: the one thing that most people do NOT do, and the ONE thing that is most likely to help you succeed.

It is a universal truth that there is strength in numbers, and ironically, the numbers back this up. Study after study finds that you are WAY more likely to succeed at a goal if you have someone you report to. It is crucial that you find somebody who can hold you accountable. 

Isn’t if funny when we commit to other people we hold it sacred, but it’s easy to break a commitment to ourselves? For me, I don’t want to let the other person down. Sometimes, I even find myself lying in bed and remembering something I hadn’t checked off from my top five. I have to get up and do it before I go to bed or it bugs me! I wish I worried more about commitments to myself, but hey, whatever works. If commitment to another person will motivate you, USE IT. 

Here is how it works for my accountability partner and I:

First, we came to an agreement. We told each other what our goals were and agreed to email each other our “top five” every day. “Top five” mean five short tasks we plan to do throughout the day that will bring us closer to our goals. 

(If you want to learn more about “The Rule of 5” that I learned from Jack Canfield in The Success Principles, you can read last week’s email here => <=)

The email looks like this:

As you can see I have the top five from the previous day and whether I completed them or not. Below, I have the top five for the current day.

Here are the most important elements of having an accountability partner:

  1. You must find someone who also really wants an accountability partner. If it is a one way thing it doesn’t work the same. 
  2.  Be prepared to be called out. Be prepared to call them out. If you don’t call each other out when you aren’t keeping your end of the deal, there is no point. 

Emailing someone your top five, (or top three or one) keeps you focused on your goal every day. It’s amazingly simple, and amazingly effective. 

Hey, speaking of sharing goals, one of my goals for the last couple of years has been to take my girls to one of Jack Canfield’s events. He has taught me so much! Next week I am taking them to Breakthrough to Success in Arizona! Yay! Follow me on Instagram for stories / pics to see how it goes or to see us sweating in the Arizona heat (haha).



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