The view at the resort in Palm Springs, California

I just got back from my two week of travels: Newark, NJ, Atlanta, GA and finally Palm Springs, CA. It was WONDERFUL to help out at Jack Canfield’s events; One Day to Greatness® and Train the Trainer®. It's really an amazing feeling to spend such focused time with such awesome people. At the end, it feels like another family.

Jack Canfield & Miriam Laundry

Train the Trainer® is an intensive live course where Jack teaches people to become trainers of The Success Principles. I was in charge of a group of five individuals at Train the Trainer® who had to make a presentation at the end of the week to be critiqued.

I discovered that everybody has their own unique story to share, sometimes referred to as a “Hero” story.

It describes a time in your life where you have been down, but then were able to overcome whatever difficulties you were facing and rise above. It was inspiring to see how so many people want to make a difference and help others. I feel so connected and bonded to these individuals.

Some of the 53 people that graduated Train the Trainer®

I was also overwhelmed by the response to our children’s book, The Big, Bad Bully, coming out October 29th. After spending seven full days with Jack, I realized that he's a master at helping people make positive changes in their lives. He's been working in this field for 50 years now and truly is a self-esteem expert. I'm looking forward to seeing how this message is going to impact children. 

I'm always SO inspired by the time I spend at Jack’s events. Every time I think about my children and how we need to teach them these important lessons early on. I am filled with excitement to see The Big, Bad Bully in action when it launches at the end of this month! Jack and I have been planning a virtual book reading that we're opening up for everyone to join. Be sure to sign up and join us on October 30th.

* the LIVE virtual book reading date has passed, but you can view the recording below.

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