Christmas in a Pandemic 

Christmas is going to look a lot different this year.

No big family dinner. No vacations. No plans.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit disappointed. But I think it’s important to recognize that, just because this Christmas will be far from normal, we can still make it a great holiday season.

This is especially important for our kids. They’ll notice whether we spend the holidays sulking and complaining about all the things we miss or if we adapt and make do with what we’ve got.

Let’s show our kids that we can still celebrate and focus on what Christmas is really about.

How Do I Do That?
  • Connect -- stay in touch with your extended family by making a few phone calls or hopping on Zoom (everyone definitely knows what Zoom is by now!)
  • Watch -- if you typically attend a holiday service, you can still attend from home! A lot of organizations are streaming online holiday services this year. I know our family will be watching the Santa Claus parade online!
  • Start -- now is the perfect time to start a new holiday tradition with your family. Think of creative ways to celebrate while staying safe. We’re planning to hop in the car with our hot chocolates and drive down to Niagara Falls to look at the lights.
  • Prepare -- it’s so important to get your shopping done early. I’m definitely going to avoid shivering in line outside the stores this year and also avoid postal delivery delays.
  • Decorate -- even though it’ll just be you and your immediate family at Christmas this year, decorate! Get the whole family involved and make some memories! You can even rent your table setting and decorations from local businesses. We usually rent from Boutique Linen
It might not be the Christmas we're used to, but we can still make it great!

I’m excited to see how everyone celebrates in their own unique ways this year and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Let's connect on Instagram! I tend to share a little bit more of my personal life there. You can also let me know what plans you have to make this holiday special. 

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