How to Grow as a Writer 

It’s widely known that practice makes perfect. Naturally, this doesn’t exclude writing. If you want to grow as a writer, there are some non-negotiables you must incorporate into your everyday life if you want to be successful. Here’s how to grow as a writer.

Principles For How to Grow as a Writer

Write as Often as Possible

You’ll need to write a lot to develop your skills. When you grow as a writer, it’s often a result of dedicated practice. Pair that with a strong reading habit, and you’ll be good to go.

You might set a word count goal for yourself each day and write until you meet that goal. Or you could set aside a specific time to hone your craft.

No matter which method you choose, as long as you’re writing as often as possible, you will grow in your skills.

What You Focus On Grows

I learned this from a business mastermind retreat, and it has stuck with me ever since. One of the guest speakers explained that “what you focus on grows”.

  • If you focus on your business, your business will grow

  • If you focus on your family, that’s going to grow

  • If you focus on fear, your fear grows

The same thing applies to writing; if you focus on writing, you will grow as a writer. But if you focus on hesitation, then your hesitation will only grow.

Find a Supportive Community

There will be days when you feel like giving up. It’s inevitable. But if you find a supportive community that helps you grow as a writer, you can be certain that they won’t let you throw in the towel.

Consider groups with other authors. When a community shares a common goal, it’s even stronger!

You might also consider reaching out to an experienced writer for advice. 

I encourage you to check out my LIVE event page to learn more about how this community can serve you 👇

Here’s to your growth!

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