Launch Day: One of the Best Things You Can Do as a First-Time Author 

As an author, Launch Day is the most important day in your entire career. It’s the day you send your book into the world, letting your friends, family, and readers take hold of your creation and enjoy it themselves.

To make your Launch Day as successful as possible, there’s much to consider.

Will you do an online or in-person launch? Where will your launch take place? When will the launch take place? Who will be invited?

But sometimes, first-time authors get so wrapped up in these decisions that they forget about the most important part of Launch Day: celebrating.

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Publishing your own children’s book is a big accomplishment. You’ve put so much time and effort into making this dream come true — it deserves to be celebrated!

Maybe this means taking your family out for a nice dinner, throwing a party, or enjoying some quiet relaxation time at the cottage. However you choose to celebrate, make sure you reserve some time for cake & confetti.

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When I published my first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, I was overjoyed. Immediately, I used this energy to plan my launch party. And, I put a lot of my effort into setting a Guinness World Record.

world record

But I also made sure to save some time for celebrating with my close friends and family. 

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of it all, we tell ourselves things like:

Well, I didn’t really do that much.

It’s kind of exciting, but I’m not all that special.

I don’t deserve a celebration. I’m not Jane Austen or anything!

I encourage you to stop those thoughts as soon as they start crawling into your mind, because what those thoughts are really saying is this:

I should’ve done more.

I’m still not good enough.

I don’t matter.

But none of those things are true! You are an author. You’ve put so much work into accomplishing this goal.

And whether you’re an author or not, you are good enough and you do matter.

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