How to Make Money Writing Children’s Books 

Want to write for children but worried about the upfront investment? I’ve been there. When I first started writing I CAN Believe in Myself, I felt in over my head. Now, I’m the CEO of a children’s book publishing company and help writers like you follow through on their dreams. I also teach strategies to market and make money writing children’s books. In this blog, you’ll discover my top three income-generating strategies for picture book authors.

How to Make Money Writing Children’s Books

When you first start thinking about how to make money writing children’s books, you might have tons of ideas or none at all. No matter where you are in your marketing, this blog will help you decide which step to take next and give you the know-how to get started today.

  1. Sell Your Book (Everywhere!)

  2. Visit Schools

  3. Host Events

Sell Your Book (Everywhere!)

You can sell your book in more ways than one. You don’t have to rely on in-person, hand-delivered sales (although they can be a great option for local purchases). You can also…

  • Sell your book through online marketplaces such as Amazon

  • Upload your book to IngramSpark, making it accessible to big-name bookstores such as Indigo or Barnes & Noble

  • Set up your own website and sell your book there

  • Contact local bookstores and ask if they’re willing to stock your book

  • Inquire about selling your book in airports, where lots of people will see it

When stocking your book, make sure you cover a wide range of bookstores and shops. The more places you stock your book, the more people will see it. And when people can find your book easily, they’ll be more likely to buy (which will help you make money writing children’s books).

Visit Schools

School visits are the most efficient way to sell your book and get your name out there, making it one of the best ways to make money writing children’s books. 

To start, visit a local school free of charge and bring boxes of books with you. You can build up your experience and sell books to parents and students. If you’re not sure what to do to fill the time of your visit, here are some ideas:

  • Speak about the writing and publishing process

  • Read the book aloud

  • Share why you chose to write that message and how it can impact the students’ lives

  • Tell a story of a time when the message in your book was applicable to your own life

  • Bring in a co-speaker with experience in your book topic (for example, if your book is about nutrition, bring in a seasoned nutritionist to provide expertise and advice for young readers seeking to improve their nutrition)

  • Play games

  • Lead writing activities

  • Involve the teachers (students LOVE this!)

  • Host a Q&A where the students can ask you their questions about the book, the writing process, or what it’s like to be an author


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With all these ideas to choose from, the school visit will fly by before you know it. Then, once you build up more experience and hone your skills, you can start requesting compensation when you visit schools AND sell your book. Or, you can require the school to purchase a set quantity of books in exchange for your visit. The possibilities are endless.

Host Events

Parents and guardians are always looking for events where they can bring their children. As an author, any event you host will be appealing to parents. Maximize on this opportunity by hosting seasonal events where you can sell your book and make money writing children’s books.

You might…

  • Host a book signing
  • Throw seasonal book events for holidays such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or even World Book Day
  • Provide speaking and activities
  • Organize an outdoor pop-up market with other local authors
  • Participate in events hosted by local bookstores

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list! There is so much room for innovation and creativity in the world of literacy. Make your mark by selling your book and connecting with readers. Then, you’ll be sure to make an impact in your readers’ lives.

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