3 MUSTS Before Finding an Illustrator 

One of the first questions new authors ask me is how to find an illustrator for their picture book. It’s an important question to ask, but it’s equally important to make sure you’re ready to find and hire an illustrator. Before finding an illustrator, you need to know what kind of illustrations your book needs.

How to Decide What Kind of Illustrations Your Book Needs Before Finding an Illustrator

  1. Look at the Message
  2. Decide on a Budget
  3. Do Your Research

Look at the Message

Before starting your search, you should have a thorough understanding of your message. Is your message fun, serious, or somewhere in the middle? What’s the tone of your message? 

Your illustrations should largely reflect the message. So, if you’re writing a book about mending broken relationships, you won’t want cartoon-ish illustrations that can pull away from the seriousness of your message.

Want to find out which illustrations will best fit your story? Take this 3-minute quiz.

Decide on a Budget

In addition to knowing what style of illustrations you’ll need, you also need to consider your budget. The cost of illustrations can vary quite a bit, so you’ll need to be sure about your budget first.

Do Your Research

Additionally, you can set yourself up for success by doing your research. Look at children’s books you already have, know and love. Then, notice what kind of styles you like, layouts you like, and more. Doing your research will make finding an illustrator much easier when the time comes.

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