If you’ve ever experienced Writer’s Block, you know how frustrating it can be. It’s such a common problem authors face. 

That’s why I want to teach you the tricks I use to overcome Writer’s Block. Different things work for different writers, so I’ve got six different strategies you can try. 

  1. Look Back-- Usually, if you have Writer’s Block, something wasn’t quite right a few sentences back. Try visiting your previous sentences to find what’s plugging your brain (and unplug it!)
  2. Take A Break -- sometimes Writer’s Block is your brain’s way of telling you it’s tired. Try taking a step away from your story for 15 minutes (go for a walk, make yourself a coffee, or listen to some music.) When you come back, you’ll be refreshed, recharged, and ready to get the words flowing again.
  3. Stick It Out -- This tip is the exact opposite of the last one! If you still have Writer’s Block after taking a break, try to power through. Force yourself to write. If it takes an unexpected turn, it’s okay! You can always go back and edit later. 
  4. Resist the urge to edit -- Right now, your focus is on writing, not editing. Tell word counts, grammar, and sentence structure to leave a message -- you’ll get back to them later.
  5. Write in the Dark -- If you want to see your imagination flourish, write with your monitor turned off. (If you’re using a laptop, turn your brightness down to its lowest setting). This technique forces you to avoid editing and let your ideas flow.
  6. Use Ink -- No pencils or erasers allowed. If you manually write your work, try using a pen instead.


You’ve officially learned six different tricks for overcoming Writer’s Block, and you’re one step closer to publishing your children’s book!

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