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Maria just wants to be the same as everyone else. But, no! Coming from a different country, she looks different and eats different foods with different names, like “pupusas” (which Alex has fun pronouncing: “Poo-POO-sa”). Embarrassed, Maria withdraws from her friends and struggles to even focus on her big assignment which is due in one week! All she can focus on is how different she is from everyone else. Yet, as the story unfolds, Maria discovers that she and all her classmates ARE the same in one surprising way: they are all uniquely different!

I CAN Be Me is the 3rd book in Miriam Laundry's award-winning I CAN Series.

“This book teaches us to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity. A must have for all children!” – Dr. Kevin Leman, New York Times Bestselling Author of Have a New Kid by Friday and The Birth Order Book

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