I CAN Make a Difference

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Book Description - Alex cannot believe it! He and his classmates are going to be given ten dollars each! Finally, Alex can buy that brand new basketball he’s been wanting! But his fun gets fouled when he discovers that he must spend his gift to make a difference in someone else’s life. To make matters even worse, Alex loses his money! How is he ever going to make a difference now?

I CAN Make a Difference is a book that shows children how they can make a difference for others by using their time, talents or treasures.

“If you want to end conflict, reduce bullying and help people rise to the level of their innate greatness, this book will help you get the job done. Children and adults alike will discover the power of appreciation, respect and love and truly realize that who they are makes a difference. I recommend it for every home, school and workplace!” - Helice “Sparky” Bridges, Creator of the “Who I Am Makes A Difference®” Blue Ribbon Acknowledgement System

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