Sunny St. Maarten 

 December 5, 2019

Sunny St. Maarten is such a beautiful place! After putting in so much work for the launch of The Big, Bad Bully, I am taking a week with my family to enjoy the beautiful, warm climate of an island get-a-way. It’s so important to work hard, but equally important to reward yourself and enjoy life, too.

We just missed an ice storm in Niagara, so I guess we timed it perfectly! We were actually at the airport, getting ready to fly out, when the ice storm hit the Niagara Region. Goodbye ice, hello sunny St. Maarten!

Yesterday, I read my latest book, The Big, Bad Bully, to the children at Player Development. Player Development is a program started by Tom and Lisa Burnett. It started off focused on baseball development, but now also runs as a youth service organization. Besides teaching the children baseball skills after school, there is now help available with reading, writing, math and life skills. 

The children at Player Development have been reading my books since the start of my writing career. My first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, came out in 2013! That is 6 years now! They are wonderful supporters and always offer great feedback.

It was an honour to spend time there and to see the love that Tom and Lisa provide these children. As a fellow Rotarian it was great to hear how Player Development started an EarlyAct Club (sponsored by a local Rotary Club) and about their desire to be of service to others. I just love seeing how people are making a difference and making this world a better place.

I’ll be back in Niagara this weekend! I’m looking forward to getting ready for Christmas. I am sure the ice and snow will help bring on that christmas-sy mood. 



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