I am so excited to announce that you may be eligible for an author visit subsidy!

The Writer’s Union of Canada offers an author visit subsidy for eligible authors to visit schools! The application JUST opened today. Applications must be submitted between November 25, 2019 and January 27, 2020 for author visits booked after April 1st of this school year. (Applications for the following school year will be available later on)

To apply for subsidy and get the details click HERE.

Last week I was at a school presenting my new presentation for my latest book, The Big, Bad Bully. A school in Milton had me out for HDSB Bully Awareness Week. I love, love, LOVE sharing the empowering message with students and meeting the teachers who are making a difference! 

I have to say, this new presentation is a big hit, and because it is for grades 5-8, a full day author visit is perfect for hitting all the grades in an elementary school. I am happy to do one of my I CAN presentations for grades 1-4 and The Big, Bad Bully for grades 5-8. My full day author visits include four presentation time slots, so it’s nice to break up the grades for smaller groups and get maximum engagement.

If you want to book me for a date this school year after April 1st and take advantage of this sweet subsidy, shoot me an email. My team will pencil you in and ensure you get the date you want. 

To contact me, reach out here

(Grades 5-8) The Big, Bad Bully - A bully story with a twist! Follow a young girl who struggles throughout grade school with a bully. Every day she hears her flaws pointed out. Finally, she decides to stand up to her tormentor and discovers.... it is herself! This is not a book about the bully sitting beside you in class, but the bully living in your head. Hear the gasps as students realize the twist, and discover how to turn their inner critic into your their friend! 

(Grades 1-6) I CAN Believe in Myself - Molly avoids being the star of the day. She just CAN'T speak in front of the class .... or CAN she? Discover how she learns to shred her I CAN'T and change it to I CAN!

(Grades 1-6) I CAN Make a Difference - Andy struggles to think of a way to make a difference when he is challenged with a school project and loses the money for it! Does he need that money or can he make a difference with his Time, Treasures, or Talents? Andy discovers the power to make a difference is within him.

(Grades 1-6) I CAN Be Me - Maria is embarrassed when a classmate makes fun of her lunch. She wishes she could fit in, but soon discovers that everybody is a little different. She finds out the most important thing is to BE YOU!

(Grades 7&8) The Power of Your Mind - This presentation is not based on a picture book, but rather uses exercises and powerful examples to engage older students. Miriam engages the students using a visual presentation peppered with activities. Students are challenged to transition to a growth mindset through the topics of:

  • Persistance and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Action + Attitude = Achievement
  • Three Things we CAN control: Thoughts, Imagery, and Behaviour
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Thinking BIGGER

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