I was so delighted to receive birthday wishes from my friends in St. Maarten. I had visited them back in December (2019) and donated some books to their organization, Player Development. (You can read about that visit here.)

They sent me wonderful pictures of the books being passed on to the local library, and the birthday letters from some of the children I had visited during my December visit.

Some of the children asked if I had cake for my birthday, which I did. It was delicious! Some also gave some lovely reminders to wash my hands (which I also did, haha). Children are so honest and wonderful.

It seems so long ago that we were able to travel, this was such a sweet reminder of our international friends. 

New Author Tip: For my aspiring author friends, I encourage you to always be looking for opportunities to donate your books so your message can spread and impact so many more. Many authors write because they want to make a difference, and of course it's so rewarding to see that happen. 

Can you help me out? I am actually looking to donate some more books right now. If you know of any Canadian libraries, schools, or organizations that want empowering children’s books, please let me know asap! You can always reach out to me on my contact page. My team will make sure I get it.

I’m only able to donate in Canada right now, due to the current situation with the border being closed, but I am looking forward to a time when that isn't an issue any more. 

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