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Miriam Laundry

Have you ever wanted to talk to an author and pick their brain about writing and publishing? Now you can! 

Miriam is available for connecting virtually for a consultation call.

Questions I get asked all the time...

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I've written my first draft. What do I do now?

There are many steps between writing your first draft and having the finished product in your hands. I've been through them all and can help guide you in what you need to know. 

How do I find an Illustrator?

There are certainly some things you want to know before you approach an illustrator. I can give you some tips on how to find the PERFECT person for the job, and how to negotiate a contract that works for you both. 

Is it better to get a publishing deal or to self-publish?

There are pros and cons to both publishing paths, and I have had the fortune of experiencing both. I can tell you my experience and help you find the option that suits your dream perfectly.

How do you get best-seller status?

It’s wonderful to be a published author, but it is even better to be a best-selling author. Having your book in such high demand that Amazon awards you “best-seller” status is a great goal for all authors. All my books are best-sellers, and many of the authors that have published through my Mastermind have also made the list. I’m happy to share my proven strategies with you.

I believe that when we say "I can't," as children, and as adults, we limit ourselves. We stop ourselves right there. When we say "I can't," we are absolutely right! We can't do it. When we say "I can," then there's hope, there is possibility."

Why miriam?

Miriam began with a simple goal to empower children. Her very first book, I CAN Believe in Myself, ended up setting a Guinness World Record®.

After finding success with her own self-published books, Miriam began collaborating with Chicken Soup for the Soul® originator, Jack Canfield, and landed a book deal with HCI Books.

Her unique position with both self-published and traditionally published books gives her a great perspective for new authors. She continues to write award-winning children’s books and now mentors other aspiring authors so they can share their stories with the world, too. She founded her own publishing company with the goal of empowering even more children by partnering with new authors.

— Pricing —

30 Minute Call - $500 USD 

Scheduling is subject to availability and may be re-scheduled with a 24 hour notice. You must have access to required equipment (phone line, zoom account, network connection). The cost for required equipment is not included in the price.   


Working with Miriam, is honestly one of the highlights of my life. There are a lot of Publishers out there, but I believe that Miriam is the best! She really cares about you, and your project.

Lori Parks

Author, The Power of One

Lou DeRidder Headshot

Imagine having someone who is passionate about empowering children to be their best, a seasoned and successful writer of Children’s books, and a gifted teacher be the one to come alongside you and hold your hand? That is Miriam Laundry.

Lou Rider

Author, Jake Knight and the Tale of Vindicatum

Cindy Crosby Saying Hello Headshot

After sitting on my manuscript for 5 years, working with Miriam has been so rewarding.  She has been such a great support in helping me navigate the many steps and choices leading toward my published work.

Cindy Crosby

Author, Saying Hello