Find the Courage to Publish Your Children’s Book 

If publishing a children’s book was easy, everyone would do it. Even if you know how to write an enticing story and publish it to perfection, it can still be difficult to take the final plunge: marketing and getting your name out there. If you’ve ever felt in over your head with all this “author” stuff, odds are you’re feeling fearful. The cure? You need to build the courage to publish. In this blog, you’ll discover my best strategies to overcome fear and kick impostor syndrome to the curb.

Why Authors May Lack the Courage to Publish

Lots of writers craft beautiful stories but never go on to publish them. Why? Because they feel like they don’t have the courage to put themselves out there.

But the truth is you DO have what it takes to publish and be successful as a writer, and it’s not for lack of courage. The real reason you aren’t seeing your name in print despite having all your ducks in a row is…


Fear of publicity. Fear of the attention you get from publishing. Fear of how your book will be received once it’s published.

Fear steals our courage, especially for writers. But this kind of fear is unfounded and needs to be dispelled if you truly want to reach others with your words. Here’s how.

How to Find the Courage to Publish

Focus on Your WHY

Your WHY is the reason you’ve decided to write for children. It can be anything from wanting to make a difference to creating another source of income. No WHY is off the table. 

My WHY was that I wanted to show children that they CAN do anything they set their minds to. 

It’s no secret that publishing can be difficult. Just like any other journey, there will be highs and lows. But you can focus on your WHY to make the lows more manageable.

Next time you feel like giving up, remember your WHY and focus on it. Don’t think of yourself and your fears; think of your future readers. Think of the difference a book like yours can make in a child’s life.

If you don’t find the courage to publish, that child won’t get the story they need. Focus on your WHY and your motivation and discipline will grow.

Surround Yourself with Support

Remember that you don’t have to find all the courage to publish by yourself. Other people can help you out. You don’t have to publish your book alone.

When you have accountability partners, a mastermind group, a cheer squad, and so on, your chances of following through on your commitments skyrocket. This is because, while it’s very easy to let ourselves down, we don’t want to let others down. Bring other people in on your journey and you’ll be more likely to cross the finish line.

Even better is if you can find accountability within a like-minded community. We all know that people who share the same goal can make an incredible difference when they work together. The same goes for publishing. 

Surround yourself with support and your courage (and self-confidence) will grow.

Who can help you get started, navigate your biggest questions, and celebrate your success?

Take One Step at a Time

Another reason why you might feel plagued by fear is because you’re thinking too much about the big picture. 

You’re thinking about how to write the best story ever made and how to find the perfect illustrator and how to print the book and how to establish a good marketing plan and more. This is way too much for anyone to handle all at once (and it could be robbing you of the courage to publish).

Instead, take it one step at a time. If you’re still writing your children’s book, focus on that. Don’t worry about illustrations and printing and marketing just yet. One step at a time.

If you’re searching for your illustrator, don’t worry about how you’ll market the book once it comes out. Focus solely on finding the right artist. One step at a time.

And if your book is printed and sitting in your garage, don’t worry about how everyone will receive your book and if it’ll sell out. Instead, slowly start promoting it one event or social media post at a time.

You CAN do this.

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