Goal Setting Exercise for Children and Teens 

Since this goal setting exercise has made such a big impact in my life, I like to sit down once a year with my children and help them decide on their own goals for the year. To help you prioritize goal setting in your children's lives, I want to share my strategy with you.

Goal Setting Strategies for Your Children & Teens

A photo of Sarina, Lucas, and Alissa (left to right) as they set their goals for the year

Cover All Your Bases

When we sit down for our annual goal setting exercise, I like to make sure their goals aren’t just academic. I make sure to focus on a few different areas and pay attention to what's important to them. But they aren’t my goals. I give my input and guidance, but in the end this is up to them. 

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Prompt your children by asking questions like "how do you want to stretch yourself?" or "how do you want to grow?" It’s important that they're invested, or there just isn’t any point.

That's what I love about this goal setting exercise — it comes from their ideas, not mine! I love getting to learn more about what matters to my children and why.

Examples from Our Goal Setting Exercise

Here's what some goals my children came up with look like:


  • Release 2-3 songs
  • Go for the music award


  • Make the volleyball and cheerleading team


  • Get involved with sports more
  • Get an award at graduation


  • Get one of the monthly French awards

A Free Goal Setting Exercise for You

Sitting down and having a discussion about what your children want the school year to look like, and how they want to feel at the end of it, sets your kids up for success and confidence. 

If you want to give goal setting a shot, download my Goal Setting Exercise for Children.

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