Maria just wants to be the same as everyone else. But, no! Coming from a different country, she looks different and eats different foods with different names, like “pupusas” (which Alex has fun pronouncing: “Poo-POO-sa”). Embarrassed, Maria withdraws from her friends and struggles to even focus on her big assignment which is due in one week! All she can focus on is how different she is from everyone else. Yet, as the story unfolds, Maria discovers that she and all her classmates ARE the same in one surprising way: they are all uniquely different!Enter your text here...

I CAN Be Me Review - Lori Harder

“I absolutely loved getting lost in this book. It took me right back to when I was a kid thinking of all of the feelings, emotions and stories that we begin to create at a young age. I wish I could have had Miriam’s books to let me know that happiness is found when we are able to be who we are…and be proud of it.”

I CAN Be Me Review - Dr. Kevin Leman

“This book teaches us to celebrate our uniqueness and diversity. A must have for all children!”

I CAN Be Me Review - Maria Dismondy

“In a world where there is so much diversity, it is important for children to celebrate the qualities that make them different and unique. I CAN Be Me, by award-winning author Miriam Laundry, illustrates through a timeless story, that being different isn’t bad! It’s what makes the world such a special place! Not only does the book teach us about our differences, but characters learn about the power of our words. The lessons in this new book are valuable and I am excited to for it to be in the homes of children far and wide.”

Maria Dismondy
Award-winning Author

I CAN Be Me Review - Forrest Willett

“I CAN Be Me is a wonderful story that shares the fact that we are all unique in our own way, and that we would all be much happier if we could love and accept ourselves just the way we are. We would also be much happier if we had fewer rules for how others live their lives. Thank you for the great story Miriam!”