Interview With Hayley Rose 

Hayley Rose is an author extraordinaire having written such wonderful works as Fifo Musical Animals ABCFifo 50 States, Fifo When I Grow Up, Today I Feel Emotion, and The Do’s and Don’ts. 

Fifo Musical Animals ABC

Have you ever heard a yak play a yunlou, or danced to a walrus playing wind chimes? Have you been serenaded by a numbat on a nagak?  Come along with Fifo and discover the magical world of music and animals, all while learning your ABC’s.

How long have you been an author and what inspired you to start writing?

Always! But officially since 2002. I have always loved to write but it was a fateful plane ride from Chicago to Los Angeles that jumped started my career as an author.  Not a fan of flying, I was returning home from a family reunion and needed to keep my mind distracted.  I decided to write my new young cousins a story on what they might want to be when they grew up.  Once back in Los Angeles I put the story away in a drawer for safe keeping.  Years later I met my publisher, by accident, in a restaurant.  It’s been the best journey ever!

What is a book that impacted you as a child? Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein.  I just loved the rhyming silliness of it all.

Favourite book now? I am always a little late to the party.  Right now I am really into the Harry Potter books.  Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite.

What is your favourite thing about being an author? Educating and inspiring young minds.  I love to see a child’s face light up when they discover something new.  That “a-ha” moment. There’s nothing better.

What was your biggest challenge about becoming an author? The hardest thing about being an author for me is the waiting.  From idea to publication, it can take up to two years to publish a picture book.

Any tips for aspiring authors out there? It’s not a competition, it’s a community.  Get out there and network.  Meet and learn from other authors.  Be generous, be honest, be kind.

What are you working on next? Right now I am working on a game based on my latest book, Fifo Musical Animals ABC, with the amazing Illustrator, Mark Sean Wilson.  It is still secretly under wraps but I’m hoping to be able to share it soon.

How can our readers find you?

Visit my website or click the social media links below.

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